Stylish Equals Trailer Sees Nicholas Hoult And Kristen Stewart Find Love In A Hopeless Place


Dystopian setting? Check. Futuristic and sterile aesthetic? Check. A young couple fighting for love? You betcha. For in Drake Doremus’ sci-fi romance Equals, it is Nicholas Hoult (Mad Max: Fury Road) and Kristen Stewart (American Ultra) that find themselves revolting against a totalitarian regime.

But whereas the YA demographic has been bombarded with tales of cruel dystopias and kingdom-shaking heroines, today’s first trailer sheds a clinical white light on the intimate tenets of Equals. Rooted in a similar world to that of Kurt Wimmer’s Equilibrium, Hoult and Stewart live in a world where all emotion has ostensibly been removed, paving the way for a dour and mind-numbing existence.

But there are fleeting signs of hope within the pure white walls of the facility, and despite the fact that any kind of affection is strictly forbidden, Hoult and Stewart’s relationship begins to flourish in the shadows. Written and directed by Doremus, Equals reads like a mishmash of sci-fi tropes distilled into a YA romance, and while there’s no doubting the style on display in today’s sizzle reel, the potential success of A24’s futuristic tale of love and society will largely hinge on the star power at its core.

Also starring Guy Pearce and Jacki Weaver, Equals will whisk moviegoers in a sterile, minimalist future when Drake Doremus’ sci-fi romance hits theaters on July 15. To get the skinny on Doremus’ latest directorial effort, be sure to check out our own review from last year’s Toronto International Film Festival.