Why Robert Pattinson Chose To Play Batman

The Batman

It’s fair to say that the casting of Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight remains a controversial move for some fans, which largely seems to be an unfair reaction. Since taking on the role of Bruce Wayne for Matt Reeves’ delayed The Batman, Pattinson has been subject to unusual scrutiny over his attitude and fitness, something that hasn’t been helped by his recent COVID-19 infection. It’s useful, then, to remember why the actor signed on to play the Dark Knight, the details of which have been reviewed over at FandomWire.

According to the editorial, Pattinson wanted to take on the part due to the challenge of it having been previously filled by different actors. Moreover, he was reportedly keen to embrace the “downside” of the situation, wherein he had to find a new spin on the character that hasn’t been tackled by Keaton, Kilmer, Bale, Affleck, at al. This particular editorial is somewhat odd, though, in that it cites Pattinson’s “post-Vampire Diaries” career (we’re assuming this was supposed to be Twilight), and infers that the performer wants to get back on top after a run of art house films.

However, it’s always worth reminding ourselves that Pattinson is a talented actor who will bring a different energy to Bruce Wayne, and one that’s well-suited to a movie that will go back to the early years of Batman. Despite various rumors about him being hard to work with on set, or not being in shape, we’re still confident that he’ll deliver and prove critics wrong. Indeed, he’s been pretty philosophical about the scrutiny he’s been placed under, so seems able to rise above it.

Meanwhile, The Batman appears to be finally back on track after several coronavirus-enforced delays, although it will now premiere on March 4th, 2022, rather than its expected October 1st, 2021 release date. We’d hope to see a full-length trailer soon, though, as audiences gear up for a long wait to find out whether Reeves and Pattinson can create a special take on the franchise.