Suicide Squad Deleted Scene Featuring The Joker Revealed In New Photos

Following the release of Suicide Squad last August, it quickly became apparent that a lot of scenes were left on the cutting room floor. That can be blamed on the fact that reshoots took place to drastically alter the tone of Task Force X’s big screen debut, but there was one moment in particular which fans were really confused not to see in the final (or extended) cut.

Of course, we’re talking about the moment in which a scarred Joker confronts the titular team and makes his escape after dropping some smoke grenades. In an earlier version of Suicide Squad, it’s thought that the Clown Prince of Crime threw Harley Quinn from the helicopter after she chose the villainous group over him. He later returns to try and win her back, but leaves upon realizing he’s seriously outgunned.


Unfortunately, the negative response to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice led to Warner Bros. altering Suicide Squad‘s tone and making this a more conventional love story rather than an abusive relationship, hence why the aforementioned moment was cut. That doesn’t mean we won’t ever get a glimpse of it, though, as some photos (seen in the gallery above) put on display at a pre-Oscars party offer up a fresh look at Jared Leto’s scarred Joker, along with the other impressive work which went into the makeup and hair designs that would ultimately land Suicide Squad an Academy Award.

Chances are we’ll never get to see this scene in full, as it’s one of many left on the cutting room floor, but it’s nice to at least get a look at the scarred version of Mr. J, as it shows us what could have been.