The Suicide Squad Producer Isn’t Ruling Out A Marvel/DC Crossover


As the Marvel and DC universes get bigger and bigger, superhero fans often wonder: will they ever collide one day? Seeing as the movie business is a bit of a dog-eat-dog world, this doesn’t seem all that likely to happen. However, The Suicide Squad‘s James Gunn, a filmmaker who’s worked for both sides, has previously said that he doesn’t think it’s an “impossibility” and that he’s “casually” spoken with both studios about the idea.

This opinion has now been echoed by The Suicide Squad‘s producer Charles Roven. While speaking to, Roven was asked about his own thoughts on a Marvel/DC crossover ever occurring. Roven admitted that he’s not one of those that Gunn has spoken to about this, but he doesn’t see why he should rule it out.

“James hasn’t approached me with that,” Roven admitted. “But that just goes back to the comment I made earlier, why should we ever say never? What value does never have really?”

For both Gunn and Roven, then, a Marvel/DC crossover isn’t just five minutes away from becoming a reality or anything, but the pair don’t seem to think that it’s something that has no hope of happening. Which is fair enough. If Marvel and DC did decide to team up, and the corporate side of things was worked out, then both parties would stand to make a lot of money from such an enterprise. With the juggernauts from both universes involved, it’s easy to imagine that a crossover project could become one of the highest-grossing movies of all time.

Until something like this materializes – way, way down the line if ever – at least we have The Suicide Squad, which is in itself something of a Marvel/DC crossover thanks to all the MCU talent that features in it. e.g. Idris Elba, David Dastmalchian, Sean Gunn, Michael Rooker and James Gunn himself. Don’t miss it in theaters and on HBO Max in a month’s time on Friday, August 6th.