WB Planning To Reboot Superman In The DCEU


Henry Cavill returning to the role of Superman has looked less and less likely over the past year, so DC fans have been preparing themselves for a new Man of Steel to be introduced at some point. And if our info’s correct, we might now have confirmation that this is indeed the plan and we may also know how Warner Bros. will go about doing it.

We Got This Covered has been told that the studio is actively working on rebooting Superman in the DCEU. The upcoming Supergirl movie will apparently clean the slate when it comes to the Kryptonian mythos in the franchise. While it’s not expected to feature Kara Zor-El’s cousin, we’ve heard that it will “lay the seeds” for a new Last Son of Krypton to emerge later down the line.

A recent report from Forbes claimed that WB was gearing up to start production on the Supergirl film as soon as the first quarter of 2020, while casting news on who’s going to be playing the heroine is expected to arrive in the coming months. Previously, rumors said that the movie would be set in the 1970s and feature Brainiac as the main villain. According to our sources though, it sounds like the Girl of Steel will arrive on Earth before her fellow member of the House of El, instead of the other way around, as is usual.

Before a new mainstream Superman is found though, WB could play around with an alternate version of the character first. Last month, we reported that the studio is working on a live-action Superman: Red Son movie, adapting the Elseworlds story about what would happen if Kal-El had landed in Soviet Russia instead of Smallville, Kansas as a baby. Presumably, the Red Son actor wouldn’t be the same one WB casts to replace Cavill full-time, so it’ll be interesting to see who they go with.

We’ll keep you updated as more on the future of Superman in the DCEU comes in, but tell us, if you had your pick, who would you like to see play the Man of Steel when he shows up next? Sound off in the usual place with your thoughts.

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