Superman Star Henry Cavill Becomes The Wolverine In Awesome Fan Art


Give me an F, give me an A, give me an N, give me another A. You know what, if I spend the whole article writing that out, I’ll run out of article to write in. Time for take two.

What I was trying to spell out before I interrupted myself was fan art, that internet focused pastime we occasionally plug for your (intended) enjoyment. Today I’m here to direct you to a piece of fan artwork by Instagram user BossLogic, which imagines what Superman actor Henry Cavill would look like if he swapped the cape for the claws of Wolverine. It’s a mouthful.

I’m not sure whether it’s in my remit to offer a critique of the artwork I’m plugging, but I will say that I can see a lot more Wolf than Cav in this Cav-Wolf combo. Still, this gets added this to the list of superhero mashups I’ve covered over the last few months. I can recall something along the lines of Hawkeye-meets-Loki. Or a Black Widow-meets-Loki? Possibly both? Ah, after centuries of digging, I’ve found the latter. Hope that satisfies all you fan-art art fans.

Your comment mission of the day is to devise weird/interesting/mirthsome superhero crossovers of your choice. It’s a game I’ve almost certainly played before, but not for a while (there are only so many jokes at my disposal). The winner gets a year’s supply of toilet roll. I expect comments by the dozen.

My opening move is to recast George Clooney’s Batman as a non-specific Marvel villain. Jeff Bridges, Guy Pearce, Robert Redford, they’ve all done it. Why couldn’t George give it a spin? Seeing him opposite Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man would be particularly confusing, given George has spent a career playing the same character. He’d make a pretty good Superman, too, come to think of it.