Superman Battles Braniac In Awesome Man Of Tomorrow Fan-Made Trailer


Way back when Warner Bros. announced their slate of DC Comics adaptations, it was mentioned that a Man of Steel sequel was in the works. Since then, there’ve been lots of rumours about who will take the helm of it and when it will be released, but as of right now, we still haven’t heard anything official about the film’s status.

We know that Zack Snyder will follow Justice League with a much smaller movie, after which he hopes to take the helm of a sequel to the superhero team-up, so it really does seem as if we’ll be waiting a long time for another solo outing revolving around Superman. For all we know, though, Snyder may not even be directing the next Man of Steel movie. In fact, in this epic fan-made trailer, it’s George Miller who’s at the helm – even though he’s denied that he’ll be involved.

Pitting the Man of Steel against Brainiac and Metallo, this is pretty much the Superman movie comic book fans have been yearning for, and with a mixture of footage from various releases, it does a great job of teasing us with what this could look like if it were a reality.

Perhaps the best part about it is the fact that it’s so much more optimistic than Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice were. That’s also something fans are desperate to see in a movie revolving around the iconic hero, and it’s something which is arguably reflected in the brilliant choice of title here: Man of Tomorrow.

If and when the Man of Steel sequel will happen remains to be seen (though Henry Cavill seems intent on making it), but keep your fingers crossed that when it does arrive, it’s as awesome as what we see in the trailer above.