Former Superman Dean Cain Blasts Seth Rogen And Cancel Culture


It would be better for everyone if actors and celebrities kept their political opinions to themselves, because it never ends up working out too well in the long run. You’re guaranteed to alienate up to half of your fanbase if your leanings are made clear, and it was hardly surprising that just as many people were ecstatic as were furious over Gina Carano’s firing from The Mandalorian.

Sometimes you don’t even have to do anything to face the wrath of cancel culture, as Chris Pratt has discovered. The actor, who has donated literally millions of dollars to charitable causes over the years and also contributed to Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, found himself being labeled as a Republican, racist, homophobic white supremacist partly because he didn’t partake in an Avengers-themed fundraiser.

Of all the people to dive into the argument, though, Dean Cain is the one we’ve all been waiting on, right? The former Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman star recently weighed in to provide a counterargument to Seth Rogen’s opinion that comedians should stop complaining about the looming threat of cancellation, and he evidently disagrees.

“I think Seth’s dead wrong. I’ve got to agree with Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, 100%. There’s no question about it. Look, Seth. I like Seth, he’s a good actor, I like his movies, he’s fun, but I just disagree with him completely, This woke culture is out of control. Seth Rogen has said a lot of stupid stuff in his days, like this, and he’ll say more stupid stuff.”

Seth Rogen

Over the years, Dean Cain has admitted that his political allegiances have changed depending on whatever candidate appeals to him the most directly, having registered as both Republican and independent, while he’s voted for Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John McCain and Donald Trump in previous elections. The cancel culture debate will continue to rage on for as long as social media is viewed as an important tool for people to make their voices heard, though, and given that the end is nowhere close to being in sight, everyone will just have to agree to disagree.