New Poll Reveals Americans Think Gina Carano Was Unjustly Fired From The Mandalorian

Gina Carano

It feels like a lifetime ago that the discourse surrounding The Mandalorian revolved around such wholesome things as Jeans Guy and the Frog Lady, with all of the talk since the dust settled around the explosive season 2 finale almost entirely focusing on Gina Carano.

At first, it was cancel culture repeatedly demanding that she be fired for her social media activity, and then when it finally happened, the other half of the divide were furious. As expected, there were various social media campaigns and petitions launched even though history has more than shown that they don’t accomplish a thing, while Carano quickly moved past her association with Disney and Lucasfilm to set up shop at The Daily Wire, where she’s going to develop, star in and produce a new movie.

If you head onto Twitter and search for opinions on Gina Carano’s firing, you’ll see two very different schools of thought, but a new poll shows that many Americans believe she was unjustly dismissed as Cara Dune. The findings were conducted by Public Opinion Strategies and released by The Daily Wire, and it would be foolish to expect her new creative partners to tout a poll where the vast majority of people back the Mouse House’s decision.

Not only that, but the entire poll itself appears to have an obvious anti-Disney bias, going on to ask questions about the rebranding of dated and potentially offensive theme park attractions, whether or not the company has gone too far in striving for political correctness and even the corporation’s warnings that they could stop basing productions in Georgia based on the state’s abortion laws.

In terms of the numbers, though, 58% of people opposed Carano being fired from The Mandalorian, which jumped to 72% when they saw the post that she was dropped for, with 34% saying they found nothing wrong with what she’d done. To each their own, of course, but the cold hard truth is that she won’t be coming back.