Superman: The Movie’s Theatrical Re-Release Trailer Lands Online


As much as I love the Man of Steel, I wasn’t quite prepared for the collective hype put forth by the fanbase when it came to recent news pertaining to Superman: The Movie. After all, I imagine you and I have each seen the flick on numerous occasions, but there’s admittedly something quite special about viewing classics in a room filled with like-minded individuals.

In fact, the picture starring Christopher Reeve that blazed the trail for all superhero films to follow is returning to cinemas in time to celebrate its 40th anniversary – not to mention a 4K UHD Blu-ray release that recently arrived – but let’s focus on the former for the moment, shall we?

As you may have heard, director Richard Donner’s game-changer from 1978 will be playing in select cinemas on November 25, 27, and December 3, thanks to the folks at Fathom Events. And as I expected, the same outfit responsible for giving Batman: Mask of the Phantasm similar treatment has put out a commemorative trailer for Big Blue’s legendary celluloid adventure, which can be viewed at the top of this article.

What’s also quite interesting is how the promo reveals the 1941 Max Fleischer Superman short, “The Mechanical Monsters,” to be included as part of the evening’s experience. Though it’s not necessarily all that lengthy, it’s cool to hear moviegoers will get bang for their buck.

For those unfamiliar, the Fleischer shorts were actually the Last Son of Krypton’s first adventures to be featured on the silver screen. These elaborately produced animated offerings preceded Kirk Alyn’s live action debut as the character a few years later, not to mention Batman’s own serials in 1943. Needless to say, the whole series has since been released on DVD, so check it out if you have the time to spare.

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