A Little-Seen Horror Movie Has Been Dominating Netflix All Week

Our House

Earlier this month, Netflix added a boat-load of both classics and underrated films, including a number of spine-tinglers and thrillers. Yes, June has been a good month for horror fans when it comes to what’s on offer on the streaming site. But even with new additions like The Silence of the Lambs and Cape Fear, it’s a surprising and seemingly random movie that’s been dominating on the platform lately.

The film in question is Our House, a 2018 thriller directed by Anthony Scott Burns and starring Thomas Mann, Kate Moyer, Nicola Peltz and Percy Hynes White. For those that haven’t seen it, the pic follows a young genius who accidentally invents a device that has the ability to amplify the paranormal activity in his house. Though that also comes along with the possibility of unleashing the wrong spirits.

Sounds pretty standard plot-wise, and it is, but Our House has been sitting on the Netflix Top 10 movies list almost all week now, hovering around at various spots but still hanging in there as of this writing at #10. Though it was several spots higher as of a few days ago. And the most surprising thing is, there’s no real explanation for its popularity.

Our House

Not only did Our House have a very limited theatrical release, but it seemingly sunk without a trace back when it came out in 2018 and didn’t really create much of a buzz. It doesn’t appear to have found a new life in the years since, either, but somehow, someway, it’s now seen a huge burst of interest from Netflix subscribers.

Typically, you could chalk something like this up to a film just arriving on the platform, and while Our House did indeed touch down on June 1st, so did a ton of other big, big movies. Plus, the fact that it’s seen so many viewers flocking to it that it’s still hanging on in the Top 10 after nearly a week of being on Netflix is certainly surprising. That’s some impressive staying power that even many of the streaming site’s originals don’t have.

But tell us, have you checked out Our House yet? And if so, were you impressed? As always, leave a comment below with your thoughts.