Sylvester Stallone Becomes War In First Official Rambo 5 Photo


Lionsgate has shared the first official photo from next year’s Rambo V: Last Blood, and while we’ve already seen set pics that show off a new cowboy look for Sylvester Stallone, this latest image presents the style in a moodier light, as the rain pours down over John’s partially shadowed face.

“Time to become war,” reads the tweet in reference to a line from 1985’s Rambo: First Blood Part II. “[Sylvester Stallone] is back with your first look at Rambo V: Last Blood.”

The official title is an obvious nod to 1982’s First Blood, suggesting that this could well be the character’s last big screen outing. Then again, the title of 2008’s Rambo had a similar feeling of finality in the vein of last year’s Logan, but that evidently didn’t stop Stallone from returning to the series once more.

Speaking of which, the star’s Instagram account has been generous with the set material in the last month or so, with Stallone exhibiting an array of weapons that Rambo will presumably be putting to use, as well as a few images of himself on horseback.

What we’re still waiting to see, however, are those first pics of his co-star Paz Vega, with the actress playing a journalist who helps John track down a group of local girls kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel. In the role of main villain, meanwhile, looks to be Sergio Peris-Mencheta, whose terrible misdeeds stir John from his quiet life on an Arizona ranch.

Rambo V: Last Blood is expected to hit theaters some time in the fall of 2019. In the meantime, if you’d care to see Stallone reprise an even more famous role, Rocky spinoff Creed II is set for release on November 21st of this year.

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