T.J. Miller Now Says He’s Contracted To Do Deadpool 3


A few days ago, popular leaker DanielRPK shared an excerpt from a social media exchange involving T.J. Miller, in which the controversial actor and comedian responded to the mention of Deadpool 3 with the sign-off, “I’m not in it. Gooobye!” Since this apparent confirmation started making the rounds, however, the Silicon Valley star has taken to Twitter once more to clarify his statement.

First off, Miller argued that his previous message actually said a fair bit less than people thought it did, seeing how Wade Wilson’s third solo outing has yet to be confirmed:

“Guys.  There are no plans yet for a deadpool 3.  I’m contracted to do a third, but saying I’m not going to be in something that has yet to exist is like saying ‘t.j. confirmed he will not be reincarnated into an elephant.’”

In a second tweet tagging a range of publications, WGTC included, Miller went on to provide a little context to his heavily circulated quote:

“I just wanted @DanielRPK to stop adding me to a DM chain so I told him I won’t be in deadpool 3- he was spamming me. There is no Deadpool 3 yet. I was never supposed to be in x force. Stop reporting fake things?”

DanielRPK himself has gone on to provide a rebuttal of his own, claiming that he wasn’t involved in this alleged spamming, and that he simply posted a screenshot of Miller’s own words.

Either way, it certainly looks like Weasel is unlikely to make a return in Deadpool 3 if for no other reason than that Ryan Reynolds reportedly said that this threequel probably won’t ever be made. But even if the hypothetical follow-up does go into production one day, the studio may not want a repeat of the backlash that Deadpool 2 received for failing to cut out the actor in the wake of sexual assault allegations, especially since Miller’s reputation has since suffered further after the star was arrested on the charge of calling in a fake bomb threat.

As it stands, Miller’s future in the franchise remains unconfirmed, but if you’re looking for new footage from the Merc with a Mouth himself, Once Upon a Deadpool will be running in cinemas for two weeks from December 12th.