EXCLUSIVE: T.J. Miller Runs Riot In New Images For R-Rated Comedy Search Party

Long before T.J. Miller was effortlessly riffing off Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool, the actor-cum-comedian headlined Scot Armstrong’s R-rated comedy Search Party, and now that the feature is finally on the verge of a theatrical release here in the States, We Got This Covered has an exclusive batch of images to share with our readers.

Indeed, international viewers may have already locked eyes on Armstrong’s directorial debut when it premiered in 2014, and considering that production initially wrapped in May of 2013, it’s fair to say that the arrival of Search Party has been a long time coming. Due to blast into theaters in two weeks’ time, Armstrong penned the balls-to-the-wall comedy alongside Mike Gagerman and Andrew Waller, placing Thomas Middleditch in the lead role of Daniel “Nardo” Narducci.

Prepping to say “I Do” to his significant other, Nardo’s nearest and dearest hatch plans to stage the bachelor party to end all bachelor parties. But when it comes to the big day itself, the groom develops a case of cold feet, eventually leading to a situation where his wife-to-be storms off to Mexico and, in a fit of panic, Nardo and his best friends plot course for the border in a last-ditch attempt to salvage the marriage.

Here’s the official synopsis, per Focus World:

“Nardo (Thomas Middleditch) was getting married, when his best friends (TJ Miller, Adam Pally) put a dramatic end to the wedding. Desperate to get his fiancé back from her solo trip to Mexico, the trio embarks on a series of outrageous misadventures.”

Look for Search Party to slink into theaters via Focus World on May 13, 2016. Until then, you can share your early impressions of Armstrong’s maiden feature below.