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Taika Waititi open to ‘Thor 5’, but fans aren’t exactly in the same boat

The idea is a lot less palatable than it was this time last week.

thor love and thunder
via Marvel Studios

The ongoing debate surrounding the merits and overall direction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four shows no signs of abating, with Thor: Love and Thunder the latest in a long line of recent projects to have split opinion straight down the middle.

While there’s no other outcome than the fourth chapter in the Odinson’s saga bringing in big bucks at the box office after it cleared $300 million globally in its first weekend, fans are now divided on whether or not they want to see Taika Waititi back in the director’s chair to complete an irreverent intergalactic trilogy.

The filmmaker is definitely open to the idea, and Chris Hemsworth is planning to stick around for as long as people want him to get jacked and throw his axe around, but there’s also a sense of apathy beginning to gather around the proposition of Thor 5, as inevitable as it seems at this point in time.

There’s no harm in having someone else step in to take the reins on the fifth Thor outing, but given that Hemsworth was bumped up to executive producer on Love and Thunder, you’d imagine he’ll have a say in the creative direction of the project, as well as the identity of the person calling the shots.

If we get a Thor 5, then, Waititi’s name will be at the very top of the list unless Kevin Feige decides to boot him out of the door, which feels like an unlikely prospect based on the money his two stints have generated.

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