Take A Closer Look At Cyborg And The Flash’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Costumes


The Justice League cameos in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice were very hit and miss, but based on what we’ve seen from the former so far, all of the heroes will be sporting new costumes when the movie rolls around (aside from Wonder Woman and Superman).

Two of the most interesting looking heroes in Batman V Superman movie were Cyborg and The Flash. The latter in particular got fans talking as he appeared in a peculiar dream sequence of sorts where Barry Allen had seemingly travelled back in time to warn Batman that he was right all along about the Man of Steel. Whether or not that’s a plot point which will be followed up on after the changes made to Justice League (it will no longer be a two-part movie, for starters) is unclear, but we do get a great look at his suit in the photo below from Ironhead Studios.

Also pictured is Cyborg’s armour, though based on what we’ve since seen of him, he’ll have a much more streamlined – and fully CGI – appearance after debuting in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. An argument could be made that a practical suit would have been better, but seeing more of him in action is a must before deciding for sure.

Either way, these costumes are very interesting, but it’s the one belonging to the Fastest Man Alive which stands out. The armoured suit is unlike anything ever seen in the comics or live-action, and with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice seemingly laying the groundwork for him to travel through time, here’s hoping we get to see it again at some point.


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