The Tea & Crumpet Filmcast: Talking Oscar Nominations, Whiplash And Testament of Youth (Episode 13)


The gang’s back for 2015 in epic, sprawling fashion. Dom and Liam take to the latest stew of Oscar-bait (and The Hobbit as well) with all the subtlety and taste of a bulldozer, partnered in crime by Dr. Lindsay Hallam, David James and Matthew Lee.

Over the course of a massive hour and a half of cinematic discussion, the group tells you everything you need to know about what’s on at the movies right now – namely, why Birdman‘s really, really good and how American Sniper‘s kinda, sorta evil.

There’s plenty more catch up too, with enamoured discussion of Foxcatcher – and much less than enamoured reviews of Into the Woods and The Woman in Black 2 – as well as reviews of the UK’s three big releases this week: Whiplash, Wild and Testament of Youth.

As a bonus – and provided you can stand all the movie wittering – stick around for an extensive (and very grumpy) discussion of this year’s pathetic excuses for Oscar nominations.

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