The Team Meet Albert Einstein In First Clip From Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2 Premiere


Season two of Legends of Tomorrow premieres on The CW this Thursday, and DC Entertainment has today released the first clip from the episode. Having clearly not learned their lesson, it looks like the team will continue meddling with history after plucking Albert Einstein out of the timestream in a bid to save New York City. That’s a pretty good reason to be fair, and this clip is certainly fun to watch, as we see Professor Stein geeking out over getting the opportunity to meet one of his heroes.

If we’re being totally honest, the actor playing Einstein does seem a little silly and over the top, but that fits into the fun tone of Legends of Tomorrow in many ways, so it’s really not the end of the world. What’s more interesting is how he’ll end up helping the team, especially as it’s thought that Damien Darhk is the one attempting to level the Big Apple.

Those of you who follow the series will know that he’s going to be a member of the Legion of Doom alongside Reverse-Flash, Malcolm Merlyn, and Captain Cold, so expect to see the beginning of that group here, especially if the recently released trailer for the Legends of Tomorrow season two premiere was any indication.

We weren’t blown away by the premiere episode of The CW series back when we reviewed it, but be sure to check back here for more on Legends of Tomorrow over the next couple of days, as we’re bound to get a few more clips before it airs.