Ten Actors Who’ve Got More Than Just A Pretty Face

Scarlett Johansson

One thing we can’t deny is that a lot of Hollywood actors are good-looking. Their pretty faces grace the cover of magazines displayed on the news-stands we pass by. Or in the commercials that come up on our television. Some even get featured in music videos.

However, while it pays to look good in Hollywood, an outstanding performance given by an actor is the true gem when it comes to watching a movie. I believe an actor can make or break a movie’s plot. A great actor has the ability to let the character he’s portraying overshadow his appearance or celebrity status. Just as they say true beauty is what’s on the inside, I say the true beauty of actors is watching them transform into their character on screen. Beautiful acting is all about disappearing into your character, making that character real and alive.

A good performance isn’t the only thing that flourishes one’s acting career. An actor’s capacity to be versatile is also an appealing attribute because it prevents type casting. If an actor can play multiple roles, then that actor has the tendency to stand out in every character he portrays.

Taking this into consideration, let’s look at ten actors who’ve proved to us that acting is more than having just a pretty face.

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