The 10 Best Performances In Captain America: Civil War

10) William Hurt

general thaddeus thunderbolt ross

It always seemed a shame that unloved MCU entry The Incredible Hulk was virtually discarded after release, especially when it had that cast. Along with Hulk went Ed Norton, Tim Roth and Tim Blake Nelson, never to be seen in the MCU again.

With Civil War, the Russos don’t exactly welcome The Incredible Hulk back into the family, but they at least bring back one member of that impressive Hulk cast: the great William Hurt, playing Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross in a memorable cameo.


Hurt doesn’t have a huge role in Civil War, but he’s thrived as a supporting actor for so long that he knows exactly what to do with limited screen-time. As the former General, now Secretary of State of Ross, Hurt casually brings an authoritative presence and delivers what’s essentially just expositional dialogue with rumblingly-voiced aplomb.

Now that Hurt’s back, here’s hoping his sly antagonist makes more appearances in future Marvel movies.