11 Great 2016 Horror Films You Probably Missed

It’s been a pretty stellar year for horror so far, and not from the avenues you’d probably expect. Sure, The Conjuring 2 cemented James Wan’s status as a modern-day genre God, but plenty of other fantastic efforts have seemingly flown under the radar.

We’re talking about the little guys, who fight a (completely silly) stigma that comes along with the words “VOD release.” No longer are these non-theatrical openings a wasteland of avoid-at-all-cost titles, and furthermore, companies like A24 are giving these lesser titles the in-movie releases they deserve. This is a great time for horror – you just have to look hard enough.

If you follow my weekly film reviews, then you already know I watch a lot of horror. Like, probably an unhealthy amount (if you ask my family). But, in doing so, I’m able to offer recommendations with a much deeper knowledge, as I spread the good word of all that is dark, twisted, and totally ‘effing awesome.


So – because I’m such a nice guy – I’ve decided to look back on 2016 at this half-year mark, and pick out some of my favorite horror films so far that you might not have heard of. No big studio releases or anything here, just talent, hard work, and a whole lot of courage.

Disclaimer: There’s a pick on here that you’ve DEFINITELY heard of, but given its other qualifications, it still belongs. You’ll immediately know which one I’m talking about. It’s no goat.

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