Terminator 6 Receives Green Light, To Film This June


Thanks to the combined efforts of Tim Miller (Deadpool), James Cameron (Avatar) and Paramount Pictures, Skynet is currently being reprogrammed ahead of the forthcoming Terminator reboot.

Though it was originally expected to enter production this month, screenwriter Billy Ray has confirmed via Twitter that Miller’s franchise revival is now on course to begin filming in June (as expected), after the project finally received the green light from the studio earlier this week.

Not that anyone thought it would be placed back on the shelf, mind you, but until now, it technically wasn’t official. As such, it’s nice to get the confirmation from Billy and with production set for June, we imagine that casting will begin to heat up as Miller continues to put together the supporting players.

Terminator Arnie

This time around, Cameron and Miller have reportedly settled on a female protagonist by the name of Dani Ramos, who we know will be played by Mackenzie Davis. She’ll be starring opposite Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) and Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T-800. And while plot details are still pretty scarce – and understandably so – we recently caught wind of some precious intel relating to Sarah Connor 2.0, describing her as so:

Dani Ramos is a young woman in her early 20s from Mexico City. She was brought up in a working-class neighborhood, is independent and believes strongly in family. She’s more street-smart than book smart and is a woman who always manages to find a ray of light even in the darkest of circumstances.

Said to ignore all films post-Terminator 2: Judgment Daymuch like the upcoming Halloween sequel is doing – The Terminator reboot will spark into life on July 26th, 2019, and we can hardly wait to see what Paramount’s got in store for us.