A Terrible Ryan Reynolds Movie Is Dominating Netflix Today

Ryan Reynolds

Sometimes all you can do is look at this country in despair. How can so many be so sick in the head? Is the nation composed of complete morons? Well, it certainly seems that way, because Ryan Reynolds‘ rightly pilloried 2011 movie Green Lantern is rocketing up the Netflix most-watched chart today, sitting at #8. Lord only knows why people are checking it out now, but maybe they’re just curious after it’s become the butt of all those jokes over the years.

Of course, Reynolds himself is notorious for poking fun at it. In Deadpool, the opening scene featured a drawing of Green Lantern and there’s dialogue later in the film in which the Merc with a Mouth says he won’t accept a suit that’s either “green or animated.” Deadpool 2 went one further, though, showing the character travelling back in time to assassinate Reynolds before the movie could be made.

Green Lantern is undeniably bad, but it’s more of a dull, forgettable kind of bad than something as insane and ill-conceived as Batman & Robin. Most saw it as an attempt by DC to recreate Marvel Studios’ then-recent success with Iron Man, with criticism focused on the script, derivative visuals and the quality of the CGI.

But gossip has hinted that Ryan Reynolds‘ Green Lantern might not be entirely dead. Apparently, Zack Snyder would like him to appear in the Justice League Snyder Cut. It remains to be seen if it’ll happen, but I once thought Michael Keaton returning as Batman was impossible, so who knows?

Beyond that, the Lantern Corps will be making their next full appearance in a big budget HBO Max show. Not a whole lot is known about the project just yet, save that it’ll feature a number of fan favorite characters, but folks may feel a curl of fear at the fact that Marc Guggenheim is on writing duty, as he co-wrote the 2011 Green Lantern movie as well.