Terrifier 2 Has Officially Wrapped

The long-in-the-works Terrifier 2 has officially wrapped, according to star David Howard Thornton. The horror sequel was originally set to premiere in 2020, before COVID-19 pushed its release date back to later in 2021. Damien Leone’s follow-up to his 2016 cult horror hit has now moved one step closer to being launched to audiences, pending final edits and finding a distributor.

Thornton shared the news via Facebook, and had this to say:

“I’m happy to officially and finally announce that Terrifier 2 is WRAPPED! Now we just have to finish editing and shop it around to distributors. Once that is done, you will know the release date! Thanks for your patience, it is going to be WELL rewarded!”

Leone has been gradually revealing details of Terrifier 2 over the last year or so, and revealed in March that he was already moving into post-production. Given the latest comments by Thornton, then, it appears likely that additional shooting was needed on what has been discussed as a two-hour-plus movie. Whether this change is due to early screenings raising problems or not is unknown, but it’s possible that Leone wanted to add in or reshoot scenes.

From what we know about the picture, Terrifier 2 will be on a larger scale than its predecessor, with Leone able to secure extra budget through crowdfunding. The plot will focus on a teenage girl and her brother facing off against Art the Clown on Halloween night, while we’ve been led to believe that there’ll be some particularly impressive and bloody practical effects.

We’ve certainly had a lengthy wait for the film, with a trailer coming out last July, and a tie-in comic book planned by Leone. Based on Thornton’s post, we’d expect that much of the producers’ energy will now be poured into setting up distribution, especially if a Halloween debut is still the target. Considering where things currently are with cinemas, a dual limited theatrical and streaming push seems like the reasonable option for Terrifier 2, while we’d assume it to be straightforward to find a willing buyer after the indie success of the first entry in the franchise.