Terry Crews Says He’d Love To Return For Deadpool 3


The spirit of trolling is practically in the DNA of the Deadpool films, allowing the series to get away with the sort of irreverent plot twists that would spark fan outrage with most other superhero properties. Perhaps the best example of these movies giving the audience exactly what they didn’t want, only for them happily go along with it, is the swift and undignified deaths of almost the entire X-Force in Deadpool 2.

The trailers heavily built up this X-Men knockoff team’s big screen debut, so when the star-studded mutant crew didn’t even live to see their first fight, the move was hailed as an anticlimax of the most endearingly cheeky variety. One potential drawback to this twist, however, is that it may have squandered all potential for these comic book characters and their corresponding actors to make any further appearances in the sequels.

But again, this is Deadpool we’re talking about, and it would hardly be out of character for this flippant series to renege on a few death scenes. On top of that, actor Terry Crews recently argued that his character Bedlam may not necessarily have properly died in the first place.

“You know what? Actually if you look at the movie, I was on life support. They were trying to revive me, so you didn’t see me get cut up or head cut off. There’s always something. I would love to come back for Deadpool 3.”

While the marketing for Deadpool 2 deceptively implied that the X-Force would have a much bigger role in the story than what we got, Crews insists that the team’s fleeting appearance was always part of the plan.

“It was a troll from the beginning and it was horrible,” Crews said. “I felt so bad but it was for a good cause, you know what I mean? It really was the payoff that the movie needed.”

If medical assistance fails to revive Crews’ character, then perhaps another way in which the future installments could bring Bedlam and his similarly unlucky colleagues back is with the time machine. In the Deadpool 2 post-credits scenes, Wade Wilson uses this device to save Vanessa and even fellow X-Force member Peter, so traveling back in time to save a few more associates doesn’t seem like that big of a stretch.

In short, maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised if the new version of the superhero team planned for the upcoming X-Force movie has quite a few members in common with the first line-up.

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