Thanks To Mina Kimes, These Fans Are Debating Which X-Men Character Is Most Overrated

Thanks to online sports personality Mina Kimes, fans are in a heated debate over which X-Men character is most overrated — with Cyclops and Wolverine the focus of the back-and-forth.

A viral post from Kimes on Twitter declared Gambit as her most overrated pick, calling him nothing more than a “glorified poker dealer,” if you take away his charisma. This brought a huge wave of defenders of the character online, with many deriding Gambit’s trend on Twitter as being “slander.”

That led Kimes to ponder Professor X, Cyclops and Wolverine, asking if Professor X or Cyclops was the “MVP,” as well as positing the idea that Wolverine is merely a “system mutant.”

The discussion led to many pointing to Cyclops being the most overrated character, though his defenders were also quick to chime in.

Still, in comparison to Gambit or Storm, the laser-eyed leader of the group was pointed to as a much better candidate for “most overrated.”

Along those same lines, Wolverine critics and defenders also came out of the woodwork in the discussions.

And again, compared to Storm, many people were quick to throw the rapidly healing mutant under the bus.

Regardless, it was nice to see Cyclops, Gambit, and Wolverine come together for a pretend mission amid all the infighting.

With Disney having bought out Fox, it’s only a matter of time before the House of Mouse introduces the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What mutant would you most like to see fight alongside the Avengers? Leave it in the comments below.