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The 10 actresses who can play Rogue in the MCU

These bright, young women would absolutely shine as the conflicted-but-powerful mutant, Rogue.

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In the previous X-Men films, Rogue was portrayed as the soft-spoken mutant teenager who didn’t want anything to do with her powers or mutants in general. While there were moments where her vast potential was shown, the full extent of Rogue’s abilities was never truly tapped.

With news of the X-Men joining the MCU, many fans of the character are hoping some serious justice is done to her live-action storyline, especially as Rogue is one of the most powerful and valuable mutants in the comic books. Her growth and character development in the comics is a remarkable one, and she is one of the best heroes to properly flesh out on screen. Anna Paquin delivered a memorable performance in the earlier X-Men films, but she has graciously aged out of the role, leaving a wealth of bright stars who are capable of filling her shoes.

Here are 10 young, phenomenal actresses that should be considered for the role of Rogue in any upcoming X-Men adaptations in the MCU.

Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter became a household name for playing the sarcastic Alex Dunphy in the hit comedy, Modern Family. Her performance on the show covered a wide range of emotions, as well the many rebellious stages of teenagehood and fitting in. Coupled with her stellar acting in films like The Chaperone, Winter is a wonderful fit to bring the role of Rogue to life in the MCU and her versatility is pretty much unparalleled.

Chloë Grace Moretz

With a breakthrough role as a superhero in Kick-Ass, the talented Chloë Grace Moretz has appeared in many high profile roles at a young age, and she has acted alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Moretz has captured a wide range of emotions and personalities in film and television, and Rogue should be a walk in the park for this bright, seasoned talent. Even in sitcoms like 30 Rock, Moretz stands her ground against veteran Alec Baldwin, bringing a powerful and fierce character to our screens.

Brianne Tju

With her multiple works in the high-adrenaline horror genre, Brianne Tju is a great choice to play Rogue, the young villain turned hero worth rooting for, and with more power than she knows what to do with. She has starred in shows like Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Light as a Feather, showing her great range even as a young actress. She would be perfect to play a Rogue that’s fresh out of her teenage years and coming to terms with the great power she has.


Mononymously referred to as Lilimar, Lilimar Hernandez is a talented actress who is best known for her work on Nickelodeon in shows like Bella and the Bulldogs and Knight Squad. As Rogue, the budding actress would get a chance to flex her acting skills in a more mature role, which many fans believe she would be able to pull off excellently. Lilimar’s performances include headstrong, tough, stubborn, and rebellious young women. which would translate effortlessly into the character of Rogue.

Marsai Martin

Heralded as one of the strongest young actresses of her generation, the highly talented Marsai Martin has shown that she is a formidable Hollywood star. Best known for her roles as the foolhardy Diane Johnson in Black-ish and the no-nonsense Jordan Sanders in Little, Martin is more than capable of bringing her A-game into the MCU. She would kill it as Rogue, whether in her happier, carefree moments, or when she’s at her most dangerous. Martin is an extremely versatile talent, and many of her older co-stars have referred to her as wide beyond her years, making her a shoe-in for such a complicated character.

Skai Jackson

Skai Jackson may be best known for her work on Disney Channel, but the young talent has proven that she’s able to capture the emotions, stubbornness, and rebellion that perfectly sums up Rogue. Jackson has been in front of the camera since she was a little girl and has grown into a very fine talent, deserving of a larger avenue to show the world what she can do. 

Joey King

Joey King is best known for her leading role in Netflix’s rom-com franchise, The Kissing Booth. However, she showed that she has the chops to handle mature and grounded roles in her critically acclaimed performance in The Act, as well as her complex character in the action-comedy Bullet Train. She is a phenomenally convincing actress and is perfect to portray the ups and downs of Rogue’s complicated life. King is a strong actress that can depict all the inner struggles Rogue faces as she grows into a formidable, young woman, and terribly powerful mutant. 

Isabela Merced

Isabela Merced is another young and bright star capable of shining in the MCU as the conflicted Rogue. Merced has taken on roles that portray her characters balancing their youth with heaps of responsibility. The MCU would be a phenomenal way for the actress to make an even larger breakthrough, displaying the acting talents that her core fans have come to respect over the years. 

China Anne McClain

With a long career behind her and an undeniably solid one ahead, China Anne McClain has acted with the best of them. The young actress has played a number of characters across film and television, each with varying personality and emotional depth. McClain is wise beyond her years, and her impressive acting performances are proof of that. She’s also familiar with superhero territory, scoring many fans as Jennifer Pierce in the CW’s Black Lightning.

Auli’i Cravalho

Auli’i Cravalho’s magnetic acting skills are proof that the rising actress should make her way to the MCU as soon as possible! Her charisma on screen is seriously impeccable, and she’s a great talent to behold in her craft. Cravalho’s a compelling talent who is sure to make an even bigger mark in Hollywood in the coming years, and Rogue would be a great way to kick things off. 

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