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The 10 best movies with Timothée Chalamet

The fascinating young actor has taken on some compelling roles.

Timothée Chalomet
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Even though he is relatively still very young, Timothée Chalamet has already established himself as one of Hollywood’s best actors around. Fans know that whenever they see his name in a movie, it will be a hit. Chalamet has made a habit of being in films that tend to do incredibly well both with fans and critics, something that is very rare. He is also slated to continue his role in the Dune sequel, as well as Willy Wonka in a new movie that will be released in 2022. Here are the 10 best Timothée Chalamet movies.

The French Dispatch (2021)

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Chalamet really showed his versatility in one of the newer films on our list. In the movie, he plays Zeffirelli, who is not the smartest person in the world. The movie follows three old stories from French newspaper magazines, also named The French Dispatch. The film shows how versatile of an actor Chalamet truly is, and the Wes Anderson-produced film boasts a fabulous ensemble cast.

Lady Bird (2017)

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Chalamet brings his boyish charm to this quirky Greta Gerwig comedy-drama. Portraying the bad boy, Chalamet shows a lighter side of himself in this film, as his character takes on a humor that Chalamet’s characters rarely have. This role proved that Chalamet could play different types of roles, and the film and his performance were a hit with critics.

Hot Summer Nights (2018)

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The star of his own coming-of-age film, Chalamet plays Daniel, a boy who recently lost his father spending the summer with his aunt in Cape Cod in the ’90s. In between falling in love and trying to find himself, Daniel starts selling drugs to make money. Predictably, Daniel quickly aligns himself with seedy characters and dating two girls simultaneously. The culmination of this dark drama is somewhat predictable, but Chalamet’s performance is stellar.

Miss Stevens (2016)

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In one of his first films, Chalamet takes the role of Billy, an emotional and troubled teenage boy who falls for his teacher, Miss Stevens, who has her own set of problems when it comes to love and relationships. The two — along with other students — travel to a drama competition and Billy declares his feelings for Miss Stevens, who obviously declines his charming advances. A young Chalamet gave one of his best performances in this film, thus setting the stage for what was to come.

The King (2019)

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Being as accomplished of a young actor as Chalamet means that you have to show just how great your talents are, which he does so very well in this movie. His character, Hal, quickly must become the king and learn all that goes along with it after his father dies. This film was one of the first that Chalamet took the reigns on something other than a coming-of-age teenage film, and he did so with such grace and elegance.

Beautiful Boy (2018)

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Playing a character with a drug addiction is not easy, especially when you have never actually done the drug itself. That was the challenge Chalamet faced playing Nic, a young man with a horrible meth addiction. The movie portrays not only the toll that addiction can take on a single person, but also their family and those around them. Chalamet did his research and was able to also meet and talk with the real life Nic to bring as much authenticity to the role as possible.

Call Me By Your Name (2017)

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A teenage boy falls for an older research assistant, thus making the Chalamet-led movie a huge success amongst teenagers. Chalamet played a young and innocent 17-year-old who was lovestruck and did not know what to do with these new feelings. Many fans around the world were able to resonate with Chalamet’s character. He gave hope and inspired many hopeless romantics around the world with this performance.

Interstellar (2014)

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While this is certainly not his biggest role, the movie is still one of the most iconic films ever and really helped to put Chalamet on the map. One of his first acting roles was as Matthew McConaughey’s son, who is an astronaut trying to figure out how to prolong life. Chalamet did not have a huge role in this movie, but fans are still able to witness him grow not only as an actor, but as a person and become the man he is today. After the movie, Chalamet decided to fully drop out of school to pursue acting full time, a choice that has certainly paid off.

Little Women (2019)

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One of Chalamet’s top performances is most certainly in this movie, most likely due to how iconic the book is. Chalamet, who played Laurie, was part of a new take on the story, as he aimed to be a romantic, but with the boyish personality that he has in a lot of his movies. Being able to bring his own take to Laurie and add so many different little things that can be relatable today makes this one of his best films ever.

Dune (2021)

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Part one of a two part sci-fi film that is arguably one of the greatest sci-fi films ever made, Chalamet’s character must protect an old family relic that helps keep the entire galaxy alive and safe. With this movie having already been made in the past, there were incredibly high expectations due to how successful it was before. Chalamet absolutely crushed this role, and part two is expected to come out in 2023. One thing is for certain: Chalamet has a great skill for dramatic roles.

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