‘The Adam Project’ enters the all-time Netflix Top 10

the adam project

As if you needed any more proof that Ryan Reynolds is one of the most popular stars on the planet, the actor has just made a little more history after time traveling sci-fi adventure The Adam Project ascended onto Netflix’s all-time Top 10 most-watched list.

Having already set one record, he’s only gone and done it again, with his second Shawn Levy collaboration giving Reynolds the distinction of becoming the first name to have three movies rank among the streaming service’s ten biggest in-house originals ever.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, The Adam Project sits in seventh place after only three weeks in release, so there’s every chance it could end up placing higher before the standard 28-day window used by Netflix to measure success draws to a close a week on Friday.

Red Notice currently reigns supreme as number one, while Michael Bay’s overcooked and self-indulgent action extravaganza 6 Underground is back in ninth. Levy is also setting impressive milestones, too, with The Adam Project and Stranger Things giving him the honor of having a Top 10 all-timer on both the film and television rankings.

Sandra Bullock recently praised Netflix for making sure her career opportunities haven’t dried up, and given that she’s the only person other than Reynolds to have at least two features on the historical Top 10, perhaps it’s time for The Lost City lead to see if she can match her The Proposal co-star in going three-for-three.

Either way, it’s another impressive statistic for both Levy and Reynolds, who will team up for a third time on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Deadpool 3.