The Alien: Covenant Crew Answers A Distress Call In Beautiful New Pic

Alien Covenant 1

Following up on the last supper promo, in which the crew of Ridley Scott’s colony ship raised a glass (or three!) before entering cryosleep, Empire has rolled out a new and really rather beautiful image for Alien: Covenant, which finds Michael Fassbender and Co. taking one small step for man and, well, you already know the rest.

Turns out this lush alien world isn’t actually the end destination for the Covenant, either, which has taken a detour in order to answer a “distress” signal – such is the Alien way. And though Ridley Scott’s hotly-anticipated horror flick will incorporate many of the franchise’s nightmarish tropes – the Facehuggers, the Xenomorphs, you name it – Fassbender believes it is the core characters of Alien: Covenant that separates Scott’s Prometheus follow-up from the pack.

On board to portray not one, but two synthetics (Walter, and the returning David), here’s what Fassbender had to share about Scott’s newfound dysfunctional family.

“What’s great about this story is the characters are so different,” says the film’s returning star, Michael Fassbender. “They’re not just filling out a spaceship, their characters have been thought about. It harks back to those really cool characters in the original Alien, where there are great relationships going on outside of the [alien].”

In the wake of that aforementioned prologue (see below), budding viewers now have a better understanding of Covenant‘s ensemble cast and, perhaps more importantly, the chemistry between them. It’s enough to evoke memories of the doomed USCSS Nostromo and its own blue-collar workers, but can the likes of James Franco’s ship captain and Katherine Waterston’s Ripley-esque Daniels stand alongside Alien‘s greatest characters? We’ll find out in a few months’ time.

Alien: Covenant is considered the next step in Ridley Scott’s journey to dovetail his Prometheus prequel saga with the Alien movie that started it all back in ’79. It’ll be with us on May 19th.

Source: Empire