The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Full Super Bowl Trailer Released


It was teased before with a 30-second glimpse, but now the full Super Bowl trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has appeared online. The ad has made its way to YouTube in two parts, and is also accompanied by an “Enemies Unite” sizzle reel to whet audience’s appetites for the film.

Judging by the trailer, this is no movie for acrophobes. Apropos of the title character, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 features plenty of gravity-defying acrobatics high above the city of New York. It also gives a few more glimpses at some of the film’s villains; namely, Electro and Rhino. As if that wasn’t enough, the sizzle real shows off the villains even more, including one Green Goblin.

You know there’s a lot of hype for a movie when they start releasing teaser trailers to preview the longer trailers to come. But that’s the Internet hype cycle for you. It’s certainly not going to slow down any time soon either, as Sony flexes all its marketing muscle to get audiences to go see this movie in which they have already spent a metric butt ton of money.

The “Enemies Unite” title hints that Spidey isn’t just going to be fighting all the villains they’ve stuffed into this film on a one-on-one basis. Rather, there will likely be some epic team-ups going on to make things more difficult for the Big Apple’s favorite/least favorite wall crawler. Let’s just hope that with all the characters they’ve thrown in there, there’s enough room for some plot amidst all the action.

So, what do you think? Will The Amazing Spider-Man 2 live up to all the hype Sony is generating for it, or is it going to be too big for its britches? Watch the three trailers below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.