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‘The Batman 2′ becomes the latest casualty of the writers’ strike as production looks to be batted back into 2024

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Robert Pattinson as Batman/Bruce Wayne
Photo via Warner Bros.

Amid multiple Marvel Studios movies and TV shows being forced to temporarily shut up shop due to the ongoing writers’ strike, DC is inevitably feeling the effects too. Luckily for James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy, the script for that is already completed so it’s able to go full speed ahead with its pre-production. On the other hand, new information indicates that Matt Reeves’ The Batman – Part II might not be so fortune.

Specifically, it appears that the breaks have been hit on the Batmobile until next year. As originally broken by The Midgard Times, the much-anticipated sequel to Robert Pattinson’s cinematic debut as the Dark Knight is no longer on course to begin shooting this November, as was the plan. Instead the new production start date is March 2024. In terms of the demanding schedules of superhero moviemaking, a four-month delay is a pretty big deal. Although thankfully the film’s release window being all the way in October 2025 may mean it can escape missing its due date.

Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz in The Batman
Photo via Warner Bros.

While it hasn’t been categorically stated that the WGA strike is the reason for this hold-up, it doesn’t take a detective of Bruce Wayne’s caliber to put two and two together. Matt Reeves and co-writer Mattson Tomlin are not just members of the Writers Guild of America but have made their strong support for the strike’s cause abundantly clear on social media, with Reeves sharing a selfie of himself on the picket line in late May.

In addition to the movie, spinoff series The Penguin is also believed to have suspended its shooting after cameras first got going this March. Once things are finally back on track, The Batman – Part II is due to film in London, U.K. ahead of its scheduled release on Oct. 3, 2025.

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