‘The Batman’ concept art shows early designs for the Batfleck

Image via Warner Bros.

Even now, after The Batman has come out in theaters and introduced Robert Pattinson to the world as the next actor to shine the Bat-Signal, a lot of fans must still be wondering what a Ben Affleck-led version of the Dark Knight flick could bring to the fore. While we may regretfully never learn the answer to that question, we now have an idea as to what the DCEU star himself would look like in the film that might have been.

Most of you are probably aware that The Batman was originally supposed to feature Affleck in his first solo outing. Though things ultimately didn’t work out for the star and his brutally aggressive and aged version of Bruce Wayne.

Now, a new sketch shared by concept artist Keith Christensen on Instagram offers a look at one of the early designs for Batfleck’s suit. Check it out below.

As you can see, this costume is very similar to what Pattinson wears in The Batman, so the idea wasn’t completely scrapped, but rather transformed and redesigned. For one thing, this Batman has armored padding much like Pattinson’s, and for another, the bat symbol on his chest extends all the way to his arms.

Ben Affleck is returning in the upcoming Flash movie starring Ezra Miller despite retiring his Caped Crusader several years ago, so fans can at least find some measure of solace in the fact that we haven’t seen the last of him in the role yet.