‘The Batman’ director explains how he relates to the Dark Knight

the batman

The Batman director Matt Reeves has discussed how he personally relates to this darker version of the World’s Greatest Detective in his reboot film.

To promote his new flick, which is making its way to theaters in two days, Reeves recently sat down to have a chat with Variety, providing an in-depth analysis of his work on the DC film. At one point, the director talked about the similarities between his own character and Pattinson’s Caped Crusader.

“I related to his desperate attempt, I think, to try to find a way to reorder his life in the wake of something that was impossible to change,” He said. “That’s the way in which I relate to Bruce’s mission. I think in the creative process, you can try to revisit your traumas. You’ll never change what happened, but you’ll change the meaning of them, and you’ll change your relationship to them.”

Several interviews over the past couple of weeks have proven that The Batman will be a deeply personal film, one in which every creative involved has poured their own experiences into a unique interpretation of the Dark Knight’s story. At the end of the day, maybe it’s the personal effect that will ultimately set Matt Reeves’ reboot apart from all other Batman live-action ventures that came before.

While the cast of The Batman never hesitates to heap praise on all the crew members involved with their ambitious undertaking, it’s no secret that director Matt Reeves has been something of an auteur on this project. In that sense, this new take on Gotham City, and more importantly the Dark Knight, all arises from the Cloverfield filmmaker’s vision.

Hopefully, that unique notion will also prove interesting to fans when the film premieres on March 4.