‘The Batman’ director responds to wild Robin fan theory

the batman

Even though The Batman only hit theaters five days ago, the future of the franchise has already been plagued by concrete uncertainty, which is just as oxymoronic as it sounds.

The reboot featured a surprise cameo from an iconic comic book villain, but director Matt Reeves says it wasn’t designed to be a tease for the sequel. Similarly, the GCPD spinoff that was announced almost two years ago is officially on hold, but Reeves also hinted that it’s morphed into another project focused on Arkham Asylum.

The Batman did a solid job of reintroducing and reinventing a raft of very familiar faces from the Gotham City playbook, and questions are already being asked about a certain Boy Wonder. As you’d expect, Reeves danced around the Robin questions when they were recently put to him in an interview, but he has addressed one theory in particular.

One of the most popular lines of inquiry making the rounds in the aftermath of The Batman is that the orphaned son of murdered Gotham mayor Don Mitchell will be taken in by Bruce Wayne, and eventually become the Dark Knight’s faithful sidekick and confidant. During his recent appearance on the ReelBlend podcast, Reeves confronted the scuttlebutt head-on, and he’s not entirely against it.

“But it’s a cool idea. It wasn’t the intention, but actually, why would I say that? Because it’s a cool idea. And if I did it, and then basically, now I’m going to have to give you credit. If we do that. Yeah sure, totally. Yeah, I don’t know that that’s the path. It’s a cool idea. Goddammit! That is my idea. It’s my idea. Thanks for bringing up my idea.”

It’s been 25 years since Robin last suited up and fought side-by-side with the Caped Crusader in a live-action blockbuster, so maybe it’s about time for Dick Grayson to make his long-awaited return to the fold.