‘The Batman’ passes ‘Justice League’ at the global box office

the batman
Image via Warner Bros.

Having recently passed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at the domestic box office, with both Aquaman and Joker set to be overtaken by this time tomorrow, The Batman keeps on trucking almost a month after the Caped Crusader’s latest reboot exploded onto the big screen.

On a global scale, Robert Pattinson’s first outing under the iconic costume hit the $672 million mark once yesterday’s numbers had been crunched, which takes it past the $657 million total of Joss Whedon’s maligned Justice League. Of course, the majority of DCEU fans (and some of the people who starred in it) pretend as though the theatrical edition of the all-star blockbuster doesn’t exist, so nobody’s going to be losing any sleep over it.

While The Batman has comfortably outstripped Justice League on the domestic front, with Matt Reeves’ dark and dingy comic book adaptation having hauled in over $330 million compared to the infamous dud’s $229 million, it’s still lagging on internationally.

At the time of writing, Justice League V1.0 is still almost $90 million ahead of The Batman overseas, but that shouldn’t be the case for more than a couple of weeks. Even though Reeves’ acclaimed and atmospheric three-hour post-origin story looks as though it doesn’t have the legs to hit a billion dollars, it’s already one of the top-grossing DC Comics flicks of ever made.

Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Batman v Superman, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Joker, and Aquaman are the only movies left ahead of The Batman on a worldwide scale, which isn’t bad at all when you consider it’s been playing for less than four weeks.