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‘The Batman’ star talks about his experience working with director Matt Reeves

The Batman star talks about his understanding of DC's comic books and his experience working with Matt Reeves.

As one of his oldest adversaries, Carmine Falcone has a special place in the Dark Knight’s canon, which is probably why Matt Reeves has also opted to resurrect him for The Batman, with acclaimed American actor John Turturro set to portray him opposite Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne.

Depending on which movie from Turturro’s expansive portfolio you choose to watch, the star will either make a great mafia boss or a terrible one. That in and of itself speaks volumes about Turturro’s range when it comes to acting, whether as comic relief in the Transformers franchise, a comedian in Adam Sandler’s flicks, or a dramatic performer in a number of independent and serious films.

With that in mind, fans are actually excited about this particular iteration of Falcone and the conflict he will add to Pattinson’s already traumatized Batman. Turturro himself is also pretty thrilled to join the superhero game after all this time, as he recently discussed working with The Batman team as “kind of strange, but in a great way.”

“It was a terrific experience. I really, I really, really enjoyed it,” He told ComicBook during a chat. “Matt Reeves was a very collaborative director, so it was great. I’ve really liked the comic books. I like Frank Miller and my oldest [son] Amedeo works for DC Comics, and I’m a Batman fan. And a Zorro fan, too, before [that]. That was a lot of fun, it was kind of strange, but in a great way.”

Turturro will be joining other Batman regulars Oswald Cobblepot aka Penguin and the Riddler, so it’ll be interesting to see how these villains will divide the Caped Crusader’s attention between the three of them.

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