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The director of the DCU movie everyone assumes is happening but hasn’t been announced offers a sort-of update

When is an update not really an update at all?

Photo via Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. and DC have developed a habit of announcing countless projects and then proceeding to do nothing with them before they ultimately end up being swept under the rug and forgotten about, but the opposite appears to be true when it comes to Mike Flanagan and Clayface.

While there’s officially no such thing as a movie in the works revolving around the Batman villain, various reports from industry trades and insiders have claimed it’s actively on the cards, while Flanagan has never been shy in voicing his desire to tackle the tragic antagonist in one way or another.

Based on his acclaimed track record on screens both big and small, there are few candidates in the business more worthy of making the jump to a big budget comic book blockbuster than the brains behind Doctor Sleep, The Haunting of Hill House, and Midnight Mass to name but three, although Flanagan’s official party line is that Clayface has never been on the docket in an official capacity.

Image via DC Comics

Continuing to reiterate that nothing is set in stone until it’s relayed directly by the man himself, the filmmaker addressed the ongoing speculation in a roundabout way by confirming that he remains very much on strike alongside the rest of the WGA.

While a Clayface feature has never existed beyond the realms of speculation and wishful thinking, the rumor mill has been circling Flanagan so often for so long that there’s going to be a massive number of people left disappointed if it doesn’t end up coming to fruition. Cross those fingers, then, because the world would be much better off with this particular film in it.

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