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‘The Expendables 4’ star shares excitement at joining the franchise

The Expendables 4 star Iko Uwais has shared his excitement at joining the star-studded roster of action heroes.


It looked for a long time as though The Expendables 4 would never happen, with eight years having passed since the third installment, before it was confirmed that Sylvester Stallone was getting at least some of the band back together for another action-packed adventure.

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The last outing for the aging band of heroes was viewed as a huge disappointment, with the PG-13 rating neutering the entire appeal of the property, while a pristine copy leaking online in its entirety weeks ahead of release did the movie’s box office prospects no favors.

The Expendables 4 marks the end of the road for Stallone’s Barney Ross, with Jason Statham, Randy Couture and Dolph Lundgren filling out the returning ensemble, but there’s several intriguing new additions to pad out the roster. Prime among them is The Raid‘s Iko Uwais, who shared his excitement in a translated interview via Okezone.

“Experience is very valuable for me to share a frame with senior players, who have a lot of experience. There are a lot of things that we share, what we think about them, beyond expectations.”

Anyone that’s seen The Raid, Headshot, The Night Comes for Us or Netflix’s Wu Assassins knows that Uwais is one of the best martial artists in the business, but Hollywood hasn’t come anywhere close to utilizing him to his full potential. Hopefully The Expendables 4 changes all of that, because he’s deserving of a vehicle worthy of his talents.