The Flash Director Teases Introduction Of DCEU Multiverse

michael keaton batman

The multiverse is set to be the next big thing for both of Hollywood’s marquee superhero universes, with Marvel already setting the wheels in motion thanks to WandaVision‘s post-credits stinger, although DC won’t be getting in on the act until The Flash arrives in November 2022.

Based on the brief snippet of footage that debuted at FanDome, Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen will find himself gathering a team and catching the attention of Michael Keaton’s veteran Batman after he unleashes the full extent of his abilities, giving him the power to visit any time or place.

While he obviously wouldn’t divulge much in the way of specifics, director Andy Muschietti teased during an appearance at DC FanDome China that he can’t wait to blow the doors to the DCEU’s multiverse off their hinges and have some real fun with the concept.

“I can’t tell you a lot about the future of this, the future of the multiverse in DC, but I can tell you I’m very excited about it as a filmmaker cracking this acorn and opening the window to new adventures in the multiverse is super exciting. The multiverse has been a thing in the comic book world for decades, and decades, and decades, and I think it’s a good time to take it into the movies.

It’s also very special that our multiverse is not just a multiverse of characters, it’s a multiverse of films. It’s a cinematic multiverse as you might already know by looking at the names that are showing up like Michael Keaton reprising his role as Batman, it’s very exciting and one of the reasons that I got closer and closer to this project.”

Countless theories about how it all fits together in the context of The Flash have been making the rounds since the weekend, but as always, it’s impossible to try and predict how something as all-encompassing as the multiverse is going to be folded into the established mythology when we’re still thirteen months away from the movie coming to theaters, which is going to be feel like a lifetime for a lot of fans.