The Flash’s Ezra Miller Teases Movie May Have No Villains

the flash

We’re getting more insights into the possible plot of DC’s The Flash movie with its star Ezra Miller giving some rather cryptic and perplexing insights

This past weekend during DC FanDome we saw a sneak peek of the upcoming movie, which teased everything from multiple Barry Allens to the return of multiple Batman. Though we only see the silhouette of one Dark Knight in the teaser, it’s previously been confirmed that both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will return as the character.

The explanation for both of these multiples of heroes is explained by the purported multiverse-centered plot of the film.

While it’s unclear just what role the multiple Barry Allens will play, it’s been theorized that the non-Miller Allen, who is clad in a batsuit-esque uniform, is from the “Burtonverse” ⁠— or the universe of which Keaton is from.

And perhaps there’s even reason to believe that the film may center more around Allen battling himself in some sort of struggle, rather than an outside evil force.

As ComicBook reports, recently made comments during China’s version of the DC FanDome virtual event suggesting the film will not have a straightforward antagonist, per se.

“In one way, I’d say there’s a few villains, or so-called villains, who are in our movie. And then in another way, I’d say there aren’t any villains in a way that might be part of the exploration and message of the movie…I’m going to say those things because together they make no sense, and it leaves it all kind of cryptic and mysterious. Which is good for a villain to have an air of mystery that surrounds them — until they pop out!”

The Flash comes to theaters on November 4, 2022.