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‘The Flash’ just can’t catch a break after fans tear apart the new costume

Maybe it'll turn out to be a classic, and we can forget all about the relentless backlash...

the flash

Having already spent the better part of a decade in development, The Flash continues to generate headlines for all the wrong reasons, which is almost impressive when you consider it’s a multiversal comic book blockbuster set to feature alternate versions of Batman played by both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck.

If it isn’t the constant cycle of writers and directors that passed through the project before Christina Hodson and Andy Muschietti were locked in to get the Scarlett Speedster’s solo debut across the finish lines, then it’s the relentless bad press being generated by leading man Ezra Miller, or the myriad of pandemic-related delays.

Just when you thought things couldn’t carry on in a similar vein for much longer, it turns out that The Flash almost certainly roped in a whopping 45 writers throughout its existence, and now a leaked image of the costume is being torn to shreds by disgruntled DCEU supporters.

As you can see below, the Batman & Robin comparisons are the least of Barry Allen’s worries, with a very vocal subset not holding back when it comes to voicing their displeasure.

It feels like a lifetime ago that the DC FanDome teaser trailer made plenty of waves online, but that might be the last time people were genuinely enthusiastic about The Flash‘s prospects. Of course, there’s still over a year to go for Warner Bros. to win back the doubters, but at least the movie isn’t exactly new to the prospect of fighting an uphill battle.

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