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The Internet Agrees — These Films Have ‘Bonkers Energy’

What movies would you say have 'bonkers energy'? Here are some fantastic responses from the Twitter-verse.


While the genre and cast of a film are important, and the crew and the storyline are crucial to making it successful, the energy of a movie is also a key component. You want to sit in a theater or at home in your favorite chair and feel something when you watch a movie.

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Sometimes, you want to feel joy and happiness, the kind that you can almost reach out and grab. Other times, you want to watch a movie to navigate feelings of pain and sadness. Of course, there are also times when you want to be absolutely terrified. And then, there are times when you want to watch a movie that just feels bonkers.

You know the type of film, the one that you watch and you almost feel trippy, like things are heavier and lighter at the same time. Like the energy coming from the film is tangible and suddenly you can do anything—even something crazy!

On Twitter, a simple question was asked and the responses are all over the map, with good reason.

What film would you describe as having “bonkers energy”? From Crank to Evil Dead 2 and even The Lego Movie—fans have a lot of opinions on this, and it’s fantastic. There are some movies on here that will resonate with you immediately, a lot you’ll probably want to watch after reading their synopsis, and of course, some that will make you question the reason for the bonkers energy comment. That is until you really look back at them and remember how crazy some of these were.


How did we forget how absolutely crazy Beethoven really was? We’re adding it to our weekend watch list now, for sure.


Even The Suicide Squad made the list. And who could forget Uncut Gems?

So what films would you describe as having bonkers energy? Did any of these movies make the list? Let us know!