The internet argues over whether Dumbledore, Gandalf or Yoda would win in a fight


When it comes to naming wizened sages from major blockbusters that dispel nuggets of wisdom to the heroes in their hour of need, who also prove themselves handy when the sh*t hits the fan and they’re forced to throw hands, three names above all stand out.

The Lord of the Rings‘ Gandalf, Star Wars‘ Yoda and Harry Potter‘s Albus Dumbledore are iconic characters in their own right, and each of them played substantial roles in a long-running series that boasts an army of fans. However, despite their individual successes and abilities, the internet has a pertinent question that it wants answered.

A viral tweet has asked the general public to weigh in on who they thought would come out on top in a brawl between Gandalf, Yoda and Dumbledore, with the results opening up a can of worms that nobody knew needed to stay closed.

We’ve got two wizards and a Jedi master, so despite the similar skill sets that Gandalf and Dumbledore possess on a surface level, what’s to stop Yoda from simply cleaving them in two with his lightsaber to attain a flawless victory? Either way, we can expect this discussion to carry on throughout the rest of the day without a clear victor being named.