The internet debates the scariest G-rated movies of all time

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Have you ever sat down to watch a movie and ended up being completely terrified by it? The answer to that question for many of us is an easy, “Yes.” We love horror films, psychological thrillers, and dramas — we anticipate fear when we watch our favorite movies. What surprises us and many movie-buffs is when we sit down to watch a film that shouldn’t be scary and totally is.

There are movies with any rating that scare fans, but you don’t always anticipate it when you go in for a movie with, say, a G-rating,

One horror fan asked what G-rated films other scary movie fans found terrifying and shared one that really scared them. The thread is garnering a lot of debate on Reddit.

From films you’ve likely been spooked by already to new ones to add to your watch lists, here are some of the scariest G-Rated movies!

Willy Wonka is a film that’s easy to be spooked by when you think about it.

We may try to block that scene from our memories.

Ferngully had some pretty scary scenes.

So many fans were scarred by The Brave Little Toaster.

Did anyone make it through Bambi as the same person they were before?

Several fans agreed with The Hunchback of Notre Dame scaring them quite terribly.

Another fan said that this film is not meant for children, no matter the rating.

What G-rated films have terrified you beyond measure? Let’s talk about it.