The Internet Praises Dior For Standing By Johnny Depp With New Ad

Pirates of the Caribbean

After the UK court ruled against Johnny Depp in his libel action against former wife Amber Heard and The Sun, the publication that had called him a “wife-beater,” the actor found himself in a difficult spot with Hollywood moguls.

As of now, the American star has lost out on his role in the Fantastic Beasts movie series as a direct consequence of the verdict, not to mention that even the Mouse House is also keeping its distance at the moment, and considering where things stand, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll ask him back for future installments of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Given all the recent developments, most of which have happened in the span of six months because of the UK libel case, it’s understandable why there could be a range of strong feelings about Depp appearing in this advert. The situation especially becomes even more inconvenient when you factor in the reality that nobody really knows the specifics of what went down in their relationship, specifically things that have transpired outside of the public eye. 

Currently, Depp’s fans are busy praising Dior for their bravery in standing by the actor because of the new Sauvage fragrance ad. The video, titled “Sauvage – Game of Notes,” is basically a chat between Depp and perfumer François Demachy in a dimly lit room. The two creatives talk about their inspirations and at one point in the video, the actor strums his guitar. So, in essence, it’s pretty much everything you’d want to see from an advertisement featuring Johnny Depp.

A lot of fans are now celebrating the incident after many a tough month for their favorite actor, and here are some of the reactions they’ve been sharing on Twitter:

Johnny Depp will be facing Heard’s legal team one more time in the US defamation lawsuit, where the actor not only stands to win $50 million but also his future career in the movie industry.