The Internet Wants Letitia Wright Fired From Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

shuri black panther

Letitia Wright’s involvement in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has generated excitement and fury one after the other, often in the space of the same week. The actress is once again finding herself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons once more after her reported antivax status was once again widely shared online.

Remember, this is the same person fans were fawning over when they deemed her a more than suitable successor to the late Chadwick Boseman, with Shuri set to follow in her comic book counterpart’s footsteps by inheriting the mantle of Black Panther.

Of course, all it takes is one stroke of bad publicity to shift opinion instantly, and as you can see from the reactions below, people don’t even want her to be part of Wakanda Forever at all anymore.

Given that the sequel started shooting months ago, Wright isn’t going anywhere. Not only that, but more and more productions are making vaccinations mandatory before you can even go near a set populated by hundreds of cast and crew, so Marvel would have more than likely been aware of her stance a long time ago.

It’s not a great look, though rest assured that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will hit theaters next summer with the 27-year-old front and center.

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  1. Bartholomewsays:

    Sooo…liberals are trying to cancel someone because they have an opion that is contrary to there’s….got it

    1. LaWandaForeversays:

      Look ma’! 2 more brain cells!…

    2. DBrutalTruthsays:

      Yeap that’s exactly what’s going on. Like as human beings we don’t have the right to choose. Should we start firing people now because they don’t have the flu jab too. Lol

      1. Dinglebobsays:

        Yeah, unless you can’t get vaccinated for medical reasons, then it should be mandatory. When you choose to not het vaccinated, you are putting yourself and others at risk. If there were actually any benefits to being unvaccinated, then we could have a real discussion. But there is no benefit to being unvaccinated, it’s just people screaming “freedom” because they don’t want to take their medicine.

      2. Dredsays:

        They’re already doin that, they’re firing medical staff because they don’t want to get vaccinated,ain’t that crazy…if this is democracy how do you mandate something and tell people they don’t have a choice lol….hmmmmmmm,just saying

      3. duckets615says:

        “When you choose to not get vaccinated, you are putting yourself and others at risk”
        5 out of every 100,00 vaccinated persons are hospitalized b/c of Covid. That’s 0.005%. Conversely, the odds of an American being struck by lightning in their life is 1 in 10,000, that’s 0.05%. The unvaccinated pose absolutely no risk to the vaccinated. To say they do is a lie, not a mistake or an exaggeration, a lie. It is fearmongering to the extreme, and you let them mislead you so easily, like a good little sheep.

      4. swagginssays:

        The odds of getting hit by lightning is 1 in 500,000, not 1 in 10,000!🤣🤦🏾‍♂️FFS.

      5. xerosays:

        you say that like that’s not already a thing in Hospitals and Schools

      6. Spider-Mansays:

        If you don’t wanna get vaccinated then sit your ass at home. Be responsible and don’t endanger others.

      7. djtichlysays:

        Spot on
        Seriously… jealous miss

      8. Sckfkrsays:

        Dinglebob, “If there were actually any benefits to being unvaccinated, then we could have a real discussion.” In 2009 I had a heart attack, I have heart disease and HBP and 2 weeks ago I asked my cardiologist about the vaccines and he told me, “There are still too many unanswered questions in regards to the side effects. At this time I can not confidently recommend you or any of my patients get any of the vaccines.” This is a cardiologist who has been practicing for almost 30yrs. So with many unknown side effects on the cardiovascular system is it a good idea for people with a good immune system with heart disease to get a vaccine that has the possibility to kill them?

    3. Mesays:

      That’s them white internet. Stop acting like blacks are asking for this sister to get fired…NOT… That’s her opinion. You Caucasians always got opinion but when we do it you want to take our livelihood … If you against it or you not against that’s her opinion. If you want to take the shot take it….. She’s not voicing anything that most of the black community and a whole lot of the white community is saying. I’m a liberal but this council culture is ridiculous!!!!

      1. Sick-of-this-shitsays:

        It’s black ppl too! Especially on TikTok. It’s crazy.

      2. Hi-iqsays:

        You are morons you act like the people that are unvaccinated spread this disease faster.your morons,people that are vaccinated and unvaccinated are all the same Targets.stfu and don’t worry about me

      3. Chisays:

        I agree, they say the unvaccinated are risking other people lives yet the vaccine doesn’t protect us from anything in fact they are the carriers, this is ridiculous

      4. Old mansays:

        I’m white and unvaccinated and I had covid. I think natural immunity is better than the shot and depending on which study you read the shot is useless after 3-4 months without a booster. I don’t want to get a shot every 3-4 months that still won’t stop you from getting covid. Make a better shot and I might take it.

      5. Caucasian masterpiecesays:

        I don’t give a shit, we all make our decisions, idiots like those Twitter responses need to understand that we make our own choices, we don’t live according to them.

      6. Spongebibsays:


      7. Boiyosays:

        No need to bring race into it your very racist and twisted person

    4. Sick-of-this-shitsays:

      Exactly! People have lost their damn minds!

      1. Deez nuttssays:

        Fuck all y’all the government got yall brain washed.

    5. Black non pedo Bidensays:


      1. Dredsays:

        This is so ridiculous,I don’t believe people are really attacking each other based on a vaccine that doesn’t stop you from getting a virus and then have the gall to tell people who choose not to get it that they don’t have any brain cells…..did I miss something????

    6. Dwrn05says:

      An opinion with nothing to back it up. The same as conservatives.

      1. Hi-iqsays:

        It ain’t their opinions they are a bunch of morons that get their info from Facebook instead of “face the nation”. The kind of people that just need to shut the f*** up and keep their opinion to their self.

      2. Mr Boombasticsays:

        They read this information on SketchyWebsite. com I think



        You are a bad person and I wish all I’ll omens on you for your spread of shitbaggery! F YOU AND F off.

    7. Pelicansays:

      Yep that’s our world now our opinions are not allowed

    8. Pzyborgsays:

      Please, it’s not just liberals. Try not to make it political and stay on point. There’s enough politicking going on. Do you have to apply it to everything? Assholes, I swear!

    9. Brunosays:

      Great point!! AMEN!! And who are these peoples to call for someone to lose their job only because they are of a different personal belief. It’s so out of control with these shot worshipers

      1. President Denosays:

        Wow these people are simply INSANE.
        If you’re all vaccinated, then whose life is she endangering?!! Certainly not yours (if you believe your science!)

    10. DUKEEsays:

      Yeap! This is the time we living now

    11. xerosays:

      AWWWW that cute! it thinks it made a point, Silly red cap no one cares what you think

    12. xerosays:

      Seriously are you new of corse we are just like we are WHEN EVER STUPIDITY ENDANGERS LIVES

  2. Fyisays:

    The shot is not a vibranium shield against covid, lets stop pretending it is.
    Commercials need to stop lying to people.
    It does not matter if she has the shot or not. You can get it from anyone vaccinated or not.
    It potentially lessens the effects of covid and increases your chances of surviving.
    The shot does NOT stop the spread of covid.
    Research before commenting.

    1. BTRsays:

      I have found that people that HAVE done the research are not saying these things.

      Infection rates have shown that those who are fully vaccinated are almost FOUR TIMES less likely to get infected with COVID-19.

      Additionally, COVID-19 is far more likely to have long term consequences. This includes increased risk of stroke, lung damage, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Side effects from the vaccine can happen, but are extremely rare and nowhere near as serious as the disease itself.

      Also, early studies show decreased transmission rates from vaccinated people. This is backed by data showing that transmission between unvaccinated persons is the PRIMARY cause of continued spread.

      The fact is that it is statistically better for you to get the vaccine. Period.

      1. Capsays:

        So go get it. Leave others alone. There is equal and yet much less publicized issues with the vaccine and it’s own side effects and risks …. including death. I prefer to take my chances with with a non dna altering virus. To the 100’s of documented vaccine issues. There is way to much cross data on covid. Half of it has been fabricated and another half has been suppressed. If the vaccine was truly just a vaccine why are they trying to jam it down everyone’s throat? Particularly since there is a 2 PERCENT mortality rate right along with the flu and that doesn’t even consider the false documentation associated with some of the deaths. Follow the damn money and it will open your eyes.

      2. Jaz Smithsays:

        You have no idea what the long-term effects of the vaccine are, stop playing like you do. mRNA vaccines at this scale are brand new. And moreover there is HUGE political and financial incentive to suppress research about said effects. If you don’t believe me, look at what happens to anyone who even wants to share a personal story about their or their friend/family member’s negative experience with the vaccine, ie Nicki Minaj, Jonathan Isaac, etc

      3. LETS GO BRANDONsays:

        You are sad because you claim to do research when you’ve obviously done NONE! Vaccinated folks make up the majority of hospital admissions!

        Most of the unvaccinated have had COVID and have natural immunity! Your failure to even mention natural immunity is another way you demonstrate your lack of “research”

        Just stop

      4. Let'sGoBrandonsays:

        Do you know if Letitia Wright has already had covid or not? If so, the data shows she’s up to 27 times more protected from getting covid than fully vaccinated folks. And if not, she’s young and healthy. Leave her alone.

      5. Brian1says:

        Wrong! Vaxxed people are carriers of an equivalent viral load, but less intense symptoms, meaning they infect others more readily. Also the CDC is lying about stats. Most of the hospitalizations now are people who received the vaxx and get a breakthrough infection. In fact, vaxx regulated immunity is waning and they don’t want you to know! Which is why they are starting to push booster shots.

      6. Nozor14says:

        Fuck you and yo

      7. Chachasays:

        Not true I saw both types of patients in icu…. Btw my good friend got the vaccine and almost died …so what now!!!

      8. Mr Boombasticsays:

        Everyone who says ‘you don’t know what the long term effects of the vaccine are’ are Karens that would rather have a virus that can kill you easily than a vaccine that has about a less than 1% chance of killing you. Get the vaccine now.

      9. Gmoney247says:

        How many people where dying before the vaccine.How soon we 4 get.Freezer car full

      10. SSGTUSMCsays:

        All the workers at the daycare my son goes to are required to get vaccinated. Last month 4 of the caregivers tested positive for the delta variant. 8 children including 3 children under the age of 5 also tested positive. The entire facility had to be shutdown for 30 days and professionally sterilized. No one is truly safe.

      11. Tomdickharrysays:

        The same type of data they use when counting covid deaths? I mean you could catch covid, 4 weeks later get hit by a bus but this is counted as a covid death, if this is the type of data the world is using for covid then the continued spread due to unvaccinated is a load of bumhole.

    2. Hokagesays:

      No offense but maybe you should do your research as well cuz it doesn’t potentially lessen the effects it does lessen the effects and give you a higher chance of survivability but it also lessen the chances of u getting covid as well that’s the science behind it. So openly putting other ppl at risk on purpose and you thinking it’s ok is wat ppl have a problem with tbh.

      1. Mesays:

        In the long run it still her opinion! If you want to take the shot take it it ain’t got nothing to do with what she says! This woman should not lose her livelihood because of a opinion. And you need to do your research because it’s a whole lot of people still coming up with the virus. And I don’t know about you but one is too many for me! Especially when you’re dealing with a vaccination that you don’t have long time research on! The black community has been used as lab experiments too many times to trust and just jump up because they say it’s okay! It’s her opinion! You want to take the shot take it got nothing to do with her

      2. Jaz Smithsays:

        You just named two benefits of the vaccine that help THE PERSON WHO IS VACCINATED. That is WHAT THIS VACCINE DOES. How do people like you who are parroting this false narrative that the vaccine is for the benefit of others not understand this basic fact?? The choice to be vaccinated is a choice to protect YOURSELF or not. If you are vaccinated, you are PROTECTED. If you’re unvaccinated/don’t have natural immunity, you are leaving yourself susceptible to being harmed worse by the virus. Wright being unvaccinated (if she is, supposedly she’s taken the jab) is literally only a threat to herself and other unvaccinated people. If that wasn’t the case then the vaccine would be pointless. Stop being an idiot and repeating what you see on TikTok and MSNBC and Trevor Noah. THINK for like 5 goddamn seconds.

      3. Chet Zsays:

        If it lessens the chance of getting it, then why are you worried about other people getting it since I’m sure you’ve got it? Why do I have to inject something into my body to make you feel better? I don’t care about you just as I’m sure you don’t care about me. That’s the problem with the cultists, they want everyone to bend to their will and use ridiculous talking points that have an air of moral superiority. You are not morally superior and don’t have the monopoly on choices. So stay in your lane and if you’re afraid of a bad flu, then stay in your safe space.

    3. Anaymoussays:

      Where’s the lie? I’ll wait…

    4. bigfazeeksays:


  3. Vegetosays:

    Look like a lot of people don’t understand how virology work. So sad.

  4. Sick-of-this-shitsays:

    They need to leave her alone. The only way she’d put anyone in danger is if she actually HAS COVID! People really need to just stfu.

  5. None of your business!!says:

    People need to mind there own damn business! These people that comment that said do your research need to do the research themselves! Regardless of the vaccine you can still get Covid and die from it. You all fell for the Okie Doke! I personally know people that have been fully vaccinated that have been hospitalized with Covid and I also known people that have been fully vaccinated and have died from Covid!! So what is the come back and science from that! This government has done nothing but promote fear for there own propaganda and agenda. People don’t even see it!

    1. Dinglebobsays:

      Hi i am an actual researcher.

      In the U.S., 3 people have died from the covid vaccine due to heart problems. Out of 187 million shots. Not ansingle vaccinated person has died of covid. Hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated people have died of covid.

      You don’t know anyone that was vaxxed and died of covid. In all certainty, those individuals were sick with something else or died of something else. Yes you can still be hospitalized if youre vaxxed, but the severity is reduced when vaxxed.

      The vaccine has saved millions of lives and the risks are so infestimally small you are doing a disservice to yourself and others around you by not getting vaxxed

      1. Moisays:

        Wrong, wrong, wrong. Not to mention the numerous false positives and the vaccine deaths that have been covered up. I personally know people who have been fine all plandemic but then went and got the vaccine and either ended up with heart problems or have died. Not to mention that in the Caribbean (Trinidad, Antigua, Grenada, Montserrat, Dominica, and others) pre vaccine the number of infected were extremely low but since the vaccine went into circulation the number of infected increased substantially. Plus the way they are pushing the vaccine in black communities making it mandatory, but predominantly white countries arent making it mandatory says a whole lot. The government and WHO are judging the numbers to push their agenda.

      2. Mr Boombastixsays:

        All the antivaxxers are stupid and are trump supporters

      3. Mr Boombasticsays:

        To Moi,
        You are telling nothing but lies get a fucking life and this research this person has done is real. The chances of dying from Covid is about 40%. The chances of dying from the vaccine is probably about 0.000000000001%.

      4. Knockysays:

        My grandmother died literally two weeks after getting the shot. From covid.

      5. Peasantsays:

        You are a shill being paid to write that statement

    2. Mr Boombasticsays:

      No you can’t die from covid if you have the vaccine do your fucking research

      1. Human trials case 19says:

        It’s not a vaccine its a human experiment to “cure” a already existing cold some of you are pretty funny tho to be fair mad me chuckle

  6. Theonesays:

    I can’t believe how stupid people are. Do they not realize you can still get and spread even with the jabs? I wish I was on their level of stupidity.

  7. Black Bidensays:

    A strong black woman who can think for herself? She needs applauded not cancelled. She probably doesn’t vote democrat either. Much respect for this woman and I hope you don’t fold to the illegitimate pedo prez and other leftist. Stay strong and stick with your convictions.

    1. BossBeautysays:


    2. iDontCaresays:

      Don’t got anything to do with being black haha smh

  8. BossBeautysays:

    She has so much support. These occults and political organizations are just trying to silence someone WHO HAS NOT been directly pushing her opinion. These people are under control and sick so they start these fack CANCEL CULTURE campaigns hoping the brainwashed and social zombies follow suit. But no one cares but crazy white people obsessed with controlling all of us. Yes I said it. Get a life. So pathetic.

    1. iDontCaresays:

      You don’t know what you’re talking,sorry🧲🤯

  9. Riddlesays:

    The Internet shouldn’t get a vote. Cancel culture is cyber bullying, plain and simple.
    I don’t have the time, interest, or energy to go into whether or not I agree with Letitia, but I also think that it is beside the point.
    Everyone should be able to air their views no matter how controversial they are, and the Internet should get a life!

    1. Just mesays:

      Single best comment I’ve read. Simple straight to the point truth, without politicizing it, or being degrading to any person.

  10. BossBeautysays:

    No one cares these occults and people who want control of us just toss stuff out there hoping the brainwashed picks it up.

  11. Y’all are stupid if you think someone’s opinion about a “vaccine” makes them no longer worthy of working on a film set.

  12. Lady bugsays:

    No don’t fired her I like her she have her own decisions and opnion you can’t force her to get the vaccine

  13. truebloodsays:

    explain something to me you vaccine police. what does this woman acting in a movie have to do with you? mind your own life and stay out of others.

  14. TWMOMsays:

    Woke culture created this absurd franchise, so woke culture can certainly destroy it.

  15. Nebraxussays:

    The Internet needs to grow up and worry about real problems instead of playing “pile on” every time someone famous day something a bit misguided and stupid.

  16. Baby Peensays:

    So wait, I’m confused and I’m being 100% honest. In my country, it’s an option. We were told that if you were vaccinated then you were safe from the negative effects of the covid. So why does it matter if someone unvaccinated choose not to? Sorry if my English is bad. I’m still learning 😌

  17. Gecko Locosays:

    I don’t care about antivax people, I think there is an element of mass hysteria going on although I got vaccinated as soon as possible myself.

    I just hole she isn’t THE new Black Panther, she is skinny, meant to be a scientist and will look pitiful as an action lead. Winston Duke or Michael B Jordan have to become BP to save the movie.

    But with Chadwick Boseman sadly passing away and with some people taking the first movie too seriously, there is too much politics around it and they will probably screw it up.

  18. Stewsays:

    Who cares what she thinks. Can she play the character? That’s all anyone should care about. The “internet” is always outraged!

    1. Daddy catsays:

      I agree to who’s to say whether she is vaccinated or not that she can’t pull this part off y’all need to shut the f****** and get on your own damn selves in your own damn lives she’s cast it to do a part and she’s doing what she pay to do go get you a job and see how long it lasts you without a vaccination

  19. PRAYING 4 US ALLsays:

    TO EACH HIS/HER REACH!! Stand down n judge not. Freedom of choice is still powerful! In the end it will be revealed and clear what this is! Sadly, got the jab n still lost 2 out of 3 who did to this [email protected], poisonous virus. Now put that in ur pipe n hit it. Baby Girl study n use homeopathic defenses. D, C, ZINC n vitamin up! Peace n Blessings to the judger’s.

  20. Sick of your ishsays:

    Why are they all missing the fact that vaccinated people can still get AND carry AND spread the virus just like anyone that isn’t vaccinated? You better not fire her for not getting the shot! Hey, how about Marvels ” What if… y’all minded your own damn business and stay in your own lane? The left is all about, “It’s my body, I can get an abortion or not, it’s my decision, whatever I want, it’s not up to you.” I thought y’all chose that hill to die on!! Now you want to tell everyone else that they have to get the vaccine?? STFU and go back to sleep!!

    1. Eyes Wide Opensays:

      Replying to “Sick of you ish”, EXACTLY!!!!!!!!
      This poison WILL NOT be touching my family!!!!! We are not lab rats!!!!!!!

  21. Grrsays:

    Fire her ? Because if you go see a movie and 1 person associated with filming editing or any other aspect of making the movie is not vaccinated the people watching the movie will get it. See how ridiculous that sounds. No you probably don’t

  22. Lelesays:

    Yeah so fully vaccinated people can catch, mutate AND SPREAD C19 as well. This has been WELL established and is on the CDC website. This is why mask policies returned. People have lost their minds and just need something to blame for this out of control situation we are all in. Blaming unvaccinated people for a virus that will become endemic is like blaming them for the 4 strains of the common cold. Some things just happen, it’s no one’s fault exactly and no, the vaccines will and CANNOT stop this. It’s time for people to WAKE UP to reality and embrace the new normal.

    1. Daddy catsays:

      I believe to my heart that this pandemic was created in a laboratory somewhere this is not something that man has any control over any longer. This was created to reduce the population of the Earth instead of starting a war it’s much cheaper and more effective. I also believe that they have a cure for everything that they put out there there was polio there was scarlet fever yellow fever influenza Ebola and so on and so on. This is not a curse from God this is a curse from man kind.

      1. Kaito1says:

        Actually it was confirmed that the virus came from an infected bat that did something to the food in Wuhan which caused the outbreak, no scientist created a virus, viruses come from nature not science, only in video games can scientists create virus that are bad

      2. Eyes Wide Opensays:

        Daddy cat, I am right there with ya. As much as SOME people talk about how much “harm” humans are doing to this planet and how Gates himself has given seminars on how vaccines is one of the ways we can get our carbon foot print down to almost 0, it is not far fetched at all that this was all done on purpose and the vaccine will finish it. One way or another. You’ll either take the vaccine and, in the end die or be made infertile or not take it and in the end be hunted down and destroyed. I, and my family, will take our chances with the later. My trust is in the Lord.

  23. Wrightonsays:

    Being assholes to everyone that does t agree with you on each and every thing is how we got Trump. Keep being assholes and that’s how we’ll get another Trump.

    1. Kaito1says:

      Definitely true

    2. Victor Randsays:

      Oh cool, we’re getting another Trump. Thank God

  24. Get over it!!says:

    People need to get over all this stupid shit about vaccinated or not vaccinated.. once your vaccinated try you can still carry covid and pass it along…with the shot you might have a better chance of getting over it but you can still get it and pass it along… So shut up and stop with all this stupid shit.

  25. Anaymoussays:


  26. You people dumbsays:

    Glad to see the comments don’t agree with the stupidity shown in the article. I’m vax’d, but these idiots want to fire her from a movie set because she’s outspoken? You guys realize you are working amongst countless people who don’t have the vaccine, right?

  27. Pro smart vaccinationsays:

    Just a wee point… I have children who are deathly allergic to a single substance that is in several childhood vaccines. Despite the fact that I have permission from doctors, the CDC, and the vaccine manufacturers, people like this have called me a child abuser for keeping my kids away from those few vaccines that could kill them. So even if she is just being stubborn…well, you can guess who my sympathies are with.

  28. JennaTheBentsays:

    Unless she is breaking the law her politics are her own however unpopular they maybe. We do have a constitution floating around for that reason.

  29. JennaTheBentsays:

    Unless she is breaking the law her opinions are her own however unpopular they maybe or even misguided they may be. Darn that constitution thingy….

  30. Suckstosucksays:

    I’m vaccinated and still would never support the idea of mandatory vacinnes. The governments and world leaders have given us every reason to be worried about anything they say and making it mandatory is an infringement on our rights. That’s fact. Yall so quick to support mandatory anything when it supports your narrative. You shouldnt support and if you do you’re worse then uneducated anti vax folks. Theres been numerous articles and factual information out there saying why it’s bad and why it’s good. So let people make their choice. Some choose natural medicines and remedies while othere choose modern medicine and hospitals.
    And none of us here are vacinne experts. So stop with the shit and stop with the cancel culture. You people are mentally Ill and just sound stupid.
    This woman is killing the role in Black Panther and she should continue doing so. Just because she doesnt meet your agenda doesnt make her the villain.

  31. Fortunatesays:

    I wish people will get over it. She will always be a part of black panther. It wouldn’t be the same without her. Let God handle it if she did something wrong. Grow up.

  32. Nadejjesays:

    I got my vaccine a week ago but right now, am getting headaches every single day. I don’t know what is wrong but yeah, I need to see the neurologist. Good luck u all

    1. -_-says:

      More and more vaccinated people are suddenly getting symptoms they’ve never had before. I’d get it checked out. But I’ll tell you now, they won’t link it to the vaccine because then you’ll know they screwed up.

  33. Ron Geesays:

    In my opinion…Letitia Wright…any other actress or actor….any other human being…has the right to choose not to get vaccinated….& also have the first amendment right to express their opinion about being (so called Anti Vax)….without being fired from their job……the (Coronavirus)…(Covid 19) has been out for over a year now….& millions of people…such as myself has not got infected & choose not to get vaccinated…..if those of us haven’t been infected in over a year…we must be doing something right & staying away from infected people….which is the only we to get it….so i say again….im my opinion….the people persecuting Letitia Wright or anyone else for their right to choose or their right to speak their opinion……””””CAN GO TO HELL””””

    1. Eyes Wide Opensays:

      Ron Gee, we were in the same boat until last week but it’s not because we were really ACTIVELY trying to stay away from COVID. Both my hubby and I work w/the public and our children go to public school that doesn’t require masks or COVID vaccine (thank God). But, last Saturday our daughter was tested positive and the rest of us have been since. But we are glad to have finally gotten it and are letting our immune systems do their jobs. We are all doing fine and my daughter gets to go back ta school on Monday (she’s been out since the 30th) and so far has NO long term issues from COVID. But, now, her immune system is stronger because we let it fulfill its purpose. Her brother goes back the 18th and her dad and I go back ta work then as well. And we will all be stronger for it. The poison will not be touching us. And by the way, my kids are fully vaccinated otherwise (except for flu shots. We haven’t gotten that poison in 10 years and we are hardly ever sick).

  34. Neonsays:

    Few things, if you don’t know how grammar works or the difference between “a” and “an”, don’t tell people to research. If you think more vaccinated people are in the hospital than non, don’t tell people to research. If you think mRNA technology is new or alters your DNA, don’t tell people to do their own research. If you think vaccinations protect me from your dumb anti-vaxx ass, don’t tell people to do their own research.

    It is VERY clear when you say things like this that you DID NOT in fact research ANYTHING. Go back to your job at Walmart and stop spewing your regurgitated misinformation you found on Facebook. Further, reading what someone else SAID is not fucking RESEARCH. Perhaps start with the definition of RESEARCH before telling other people to do some.

    Go get your shot you absolute morons.

    1. Victor Randsays:

      Make me

  35. FREEMONsays:

    I’m vaccinated,my choice.She’s a grown woman,she can make her on choice. Anyway,she’s gonna make a terrific Black Panther,vaccine or no vaccine,can’t wait to see movie !!!

    1. Kaito1says:

      I’m looking forward to seeing her as Black Panther

  36. Jerensays:

    Sorry your headline is wrong, the rabid mob wants her gone us sane people who still believe in freedom of speech support her.

  37. Margie12/23says:

    Part and parcel to being gifted to play that role .Simply put ,she knew no vax meant no role and still stands by her mindset .
    It’s a shame .

    1. -_-says:

      What so just because of a role, she’s expected to cave her opinions? Don’t you think that’s a little ridiculous and shallow?

  38. Timewastedsays:

    Are you kidding me? This article is horrible, most of the Twitter references you cited have less than 1k followers, the 3rd reference had 23. Yes I stopped checking after I saw that because I realized this wasn’t worth reading.

  39. Margie12/23says:

    It’s part and parcel to play that role .Instead of gratitude ,her stance is they’ll cave to her .She need to tour a covid unit in a hospital ,and recognize she MAY Abe an asymptomatic carrier .Bottom line ,no vax ,no role .stupity and ego ,😞🤬

  40. broskisays:

    I’m pro vaccination and believe that everyone should get the vaccine if possible. But I have the mental capacity to understand that not everyone is like me.

    1. Kaito1says:

      Plus some people can’t get the vaccine for medical reasons like what if they are allergic to an ingredient in a vaccine. I mean I didn’t wanna get it because I hate needles but I decided that I should just get both doses just to get it over with because there were things I wanted to do and people to see

  41. MrBrownTheThirdsays:

    So the liberal sheeple are at it again. But they tend to forget that vaccinated people are also dying and being vaccinated does not stop the spread of the virus. I have lost several friends who were fully vaccinated.

  42. Mr Boombasticsays:

    All these antivaxxers in these comments need to do their research and stop being Trump supporters. All they’re saying it for is attention

    1. Eyes Wide Opensays:

      How about you go and check out ALL OF THE VIDEOS of people who’s lives are now destroyed, ALL OVER THE WORLD, because they decided to either be just like you or let people like you bully them into getting the vaccine. Step outside of your pretentious holier-than-thou box and actually see what is ACTUALLY happening with this EXPERIMENTAL poison YOU are trying to bully others into taking. You took it, good for you. Your not showing any injuries from, also good for you. But, you are NOT everyone and some of us never cared about peer pressure and we are Better people because of it.
      I pray that the injuries that thousands of people are going through because of these vaccines (if not death) never hit you but, being that these are EXPERIMENTAL vaccines and we have NO long term data on them. Well, I guess only time will tell.
      But, to me and millions of other people of every nationality, you are a bully and so are our so called “Leaders”.

  43. Kaito1says:

    Why does this feel so familiar, oh I know, it’s reminding me of a lot of the Internet people wanting Brie Larson fired

  44. Omegendasays:

    Just ANOTHER INSTANCE where “THEY’LL” have MAN vs MAN in order to fill their “AGENDA”..

  45. Biochemist81says:

    The o ly idiots are the ones getting vaccinated because they are sheep. Science in reality even tells you that but all you sheep are to lost to listen!

  46. NoLongerSilentsays:

    and this is the problem with the world “sissies” and “trans” individuals are now making policy and the rest of us just have to accept those policies or we’re wrong and it’s hate speech when those of us speak out. It is absolutely disgusting and I’ll no longer keep a silent mouth over it. THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED

    1. Victor Randsays:

      Spot on.

  47. Wakanda Foreversays:


  48. No disrespect intended towards anyone, whether you agree with her anti-vax position or not (I don’t), she is MCU’s Shuri and recasting anyone else for her place in Wakanda would be wrong. Maybe Marvel Studios could photo shop so she’s not in the same room with other unvaccinated people at the same time?

    1. Lucassays:

      I’m not on board with the firing thing,but she really has to think about the other people who actually got vaccinated not because they believe it works but because they need jobs and all that.

      So either she takes the vaccine or just leave🤷‍♀️people might die because of her.

  49. Garrettsays:

    Yeah a few tweets with under 20 likes means the entire internet wants her fired. Grow up!

  50. -_-says:

    Ohhh here we go, here comes the discrimination we’ve been waiting for. A personal choice about her own body is a threat, how typical. Pray tell dear vaccinated people, if the vaccine is so brilliant at protecting you, surely she isn’t going to harm you, right? If you have the vaccine then you’re safe… surely.. hm? Isn’t that how it works? What are you so scared about? She’s only putting herself at risk since she’s not ‘protected’, but you guys… you guys are safe. But you’re still so so scared. Why is that? Why is personal choice such a threat to you? Because they think differently to you? Because maybe you’re scared she’s right? What’s got you so shook up?

  51. -_-says:

    Do these idiots know how many people are involved in film making? They see one lead actor with an opinion they don’t like and want her to be fired. Do they realise how many thousands of people are involved in making that film and how many hundreds there’ll be who also won’t be vaccinated? Should they all be fired? Because I’m afraid there won’t be a film by the end of it. The stupidity of these people is astounding, and they’re the ones talking about 2 brain cells… they can’t even see when a vaccine is being forced on them, they can’t even see when it’s doing nothing, in fact its causing more harm then any kind of good. And they’re the smart ones with the demeaning comments and the fight for discrimination. They’ll just keep being good, abiding citizens. Aren’t you the people who not too long ago were saying “F the government?” Or how about “free the people” or maybe “end discrimination”… hypocrites. You make me laugh. We finally get an amazing free speaking, black, female lead, an almost perfect combo for the lefties (almost because she’s cis, straight and not the right kind of free speaking of course) and you’re trying to destroy her career? How hilarious and absolutely ironic.

  52. Faruksays:

    I keep seeing articles following this format. Summarize a situation, then try to make it feel heavier using the bandwagon approach. This is a nothing article. This isn’t journalism. Political parties keep us blind. I’m vaccinated and I believe you should only vaccinate if you are risking anyone. After you vaccinate you can still pass it on and still have to wear a mask. If you or someone you know are immunocompromised in any way the vaccine is worth it. If not stfu and get off their dicks.

  53. Victor Randsays:

    Random goofy booted nutcases in twitter are not the internet.

  54. JTsays:

    The internet does NOT want her fired. Only a few people who have a problem with individual choice want her fired. #imwithher

  55. JTsays:

    I’m with her. And her personal choice for her health. We are not communist Russia…


  56. Samurai_Franksays:

    Ms. Wright should be fired for stating her opinions? Is freedom of speech limited to social media pressure due to “hurt feelings”? Where’s the “tolerance” or the “diversity”? Cancel Culture is the unofficial speech Nazi police that penalizes opposing views.

  57. Truthsays:

    I wann see how all of uou hoing to react when this vaccine is back fired on all of your asses, you all think this stupid ass vaccine will save your lives huh nothing can save your life but yourself ok. The people that think she should get fired are really ignorant because her life is more in danger being around the once that got vaccinated than her putting them in danger do your research. 📚

    1. Eyes Wide Opensays:


  58. This Guysays:

    Chris Rock announced his diagnosis of COVID after getting both shots along with others who shared the same fate. If these people still believe the vaccine will protect them then they don’t have a say so let alone any rights to tell who should be fired or vaccinated. At this point they don’t even deserve their own brains…

  59. Veesays:

    Sooo typical….everyone has the same rights just as long as they all agree with each other. Hypocites! She should not be fired for exercising her rights. That is ridiculous.

  60. Duesays:

    Yall sound like yall hate the fact we know better and the great rest not work fact is more people die from the flu ….how bout cancer ….or the fact that what ever u wanna call us Pushmataha and them x or unknown men gone restore order

  61. Kaysays:

    I’m sorry. I love her and can’t wait to see where she takes the movie. Couldn’t think of anyone to replace her

  62. Miguelsays:

    I didn’t realize you could fuck up someone’s whole life because you disagree with them. The world is so fuckin shot these days.

  63. Michael54says:

    Fact : Letitia wright is going to be the star of the next Black Panther. Fact: When someone is in that enviable position there will be contract negotiations to establish items that will benefit both the star and the studio. Fact Often there will be clauses that limit a person’s “ freedom” to do things that others can do. Fact: This could include things like 1. Don’t cut your hair. (Remember Felicity?) 2: Don’t take part in high risk sports( if you break your neck bungee jumping, ….) By extension, why wouldn’t a studio want to protect the studio and the people who work in the studio and ensure that the millions invested in a venture like Black Panther are not lost. This is simply good business sense, so stop making the choice of getting vaccinated a political issue, it is a health and safety issue, There are lots of other more pressing issues happening in the world today that threaten our very existence. Let’s focus on them and stop pointing fingers at each other.

  64. L. I. W.says:

    The woke mob r a bunch of idiots and the fear or a Chinese virus that has an over 90% survival rate for the majority of people who are exposed to it show just how well the line media has done this job and how much is empty headed jackasses have believed it if they fire a sister girl she should sue the f*** out of Marvel and any & all involved with this mess!!!

  65. Jazzemsays:

    FFS just get the vaccine and be done with it. The vaccine DOES greatly reduce your chance of catching the virus. It DOES reduce the severity of the virus if you do catch it. It DOES reduce the chance of you passing the virus on to others. Stop acting like an eight year old in the playground looking for anything to leach onto to think you are cool or part of something alternative. Antivaxing as an idea within the coronavirus pandemic makes no sense, whether you are white, of colour or even a goddam aliem. The idea is to slow down the spread, reduce the severity and ultimately stop the virus, and the vaccination program is doing this. Try and remember back over a year ago. How many peopl were dying from this. How many people were being hospitalised from this. The figures now are way lower. You need to stop reading shit on Facebook and taking it as any kind of truth. Look at the big picture you bunch of brainless twatts and stop being led like sheep by idiots who don’t know what they are taking about and only want to be the centre of their own little drama. THE VACCINATION IS WORKING. THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE CAN SEE THIS AND ARE GETTING VACCINATED. We are looking to get coronavirus in the same category as the influenza virus. We will need to live with it in the future but in a less virulent strain. So go get the vaccine and stop being stupid. And yeah I have had both jags and before that I caught the virus and it was really bad at the time.

    1. Eyes Wide Opensays:

      Jazzem, YOU CAN HAVE MINE AND MY FAMILIES!!!! They’re all yours!!!!!
      We are almost over COVID (all 4 of us) and we are going to be stronger for it.
      But, don’t worry, I am sure many people on here will hurry up and go get the jabs now because you told them to and degraded them.
      My 36 year old cousin died after getting the vaccine a couple months ago. Out of nowhere just started seizing and they couldn’t get him out of it and he died. Now, his young wife and their 2 young children have to go on without him. You know the saddest part? They believe the same BS as you.

  66. Michael Ogdensays:

    She has the right to say no to the vaccine. Covid is no worse than the flu, the stats show that. Damn people grow the fuck up and stay out of everyone else’s business.

    1. DEARWORLD_mkgsays:

      Amen! Stand strong 💪 Wright

  67. Richsays:

    Did she delete her tweet? Why aren’t we seeing it?

  68. DEARWORLD_mkgsays:

    The new black panther has an opinion. That sounds good to me. I stand behind “Wright”

  69. Dark knightsays:

    Liberal whiners again !!grow up. She is not any type of hazard. Your whinging is. She is a big star n Marvel knows what it’s doing. You wanted to recast T’Challa now Shuri. Shut up n see the movie.

  70. Davidsays:

    I don’t really feel like they should fire her. Maybe enforce an agreement for working with marvel where any medical advice or instructions given by a professional doctor must be taken. This covers not only vaccines but stuff like taking time off to heal injuries. And have the penalty for that contract be a fine or even being fired.

    I mean this is marvel for god sake. They are nutoriously difficult to work with because of all the hush hush and contracts and stuff you can’t do. Just implement that into it.

  71. Adamsays:

    Hollywood needs to STOP listening to the internet and Twitter all 1000 people. They are the Minority. They wonder why nearly everything flops, Stupid.😏

  72. Pollysays:

    It’s fortunate, then, that ‘the internet’ is merely a collection of witless, ineffective fools. Wright’s opinions, no matter how bone-headedly stupid, are hers to form and have no impact on her work. If someone is idiotic enough to not be vaccinated because ‘Black Panther’s sister said so’, and becomes ill, then it’s a case of social Darwinism in effect.
    I notice how the majority of articles, such as this asinine one, publish neither Wright’s idiocy, nor credible information to refute her position thus informing bith her, and anyone who may listen to her. Instead, they bask in self-righteous outrage.
    McCarthyism has returned, and is now celebrated.
    This has nothing to do with being left or right. Equally banal on both sides.

  73. WaccyVaccysays:

    Why should she be force to vaccinate? If you believe the vaccine works, why are you worried? You are apparently “protected”. I know about lots of people who used to be fit and healthy, and are now dead or disabled because they got the jab! People shouldn’t be forced to have it. It’s against human rights. I’m more worried about the vaxxed that go around thinking they are immune and immortal. It doesn’t suit everyone. People should be making informed decisions about their own life. Don’t fire people for having their own opinions and are able to think for themselves! We’ll done Letitia for being sensible and strong!

    1. Pollysays:

      Questioning the vaccine due to it containing ‘powdered Satan particles’ (Luciferase) is neither sensible nor strong. It is entirely witless. Surely being in possession of an internet enabled smartphone/laptop would allow Ms Wright the opportunity to conduct research before commenting. I agree, she is entitled to her dumb, unscientific opinions, and should be allowed to express them without fear of reprisal, but please do not suggest that someone posting inane garbage is sensible merely because it mirrors your position. Makes you look rather foolish.

  74. Crazy thoughsays:

    This is really a joke about all this fuss with vaccination. What about all the people that been vaccinate and still get Covid?? Is this vacina that much important???

  75. Crazy thoughsays:

    This is a joke people keep forgetting that even after vaccination you can pick up the disease like several people that I know so why should we put this virus inside of us ??

  76. NadiBabysays:

    This is ridiculous… who is “the internet” because I don’t want her fired…

  77. Amelianna55says:

    I think that unvaccinated people don’t really understand that Covid is not just another flu. I sat with my mum while she struggled for every single breath and she was burning up before she died, it took her away from us in one day.

    I was a nurse for 27 years and Covid sufferers go through so much pain and agony while they suffocate to death!
    The choice of taking the vaccine has been politicised by certain people who of course made sure they had it first!! It’s not a political pawn to be used. Its a malicious horrific man made disease that has killed hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

    Many of the people it didn’t kill have kidney failure, severe lung problems, blood clotting diseases and many more life changing illnesses. People have to live on ventilators, have dialysis a few times a week. They have had strokes, severe cardiac events, lose limbs. Young and old people who are left with severe, lung, heart, kidney impairments significantly changing so many lives, often making their lives very difficult and a lot shorter.
    Of course you have a choice whether or not to take the vaccine! There is always a choice. What you need to know about your choice not to take the vaccine is that you are risking your health and there will be jobs you cannot have without the vaccine and places you cannot visit without the vaccine. But those are the consequences of not taking it. It also means that you are dangerous to be around for everyone, vaccinated people and especially unvaccinated. Your loved ones too. My bf got both vaccines in May this year then she contracted covid, the delta varient, a few weeks ago. She was really ill with it but she didn’t have to go into hospital and is much better now, thanks to her vaccine. I feel that we are going to be dealing with Covid for a long time to come. We are very blessed to have vaccines available. But the choice is up to you….

  78. TheClocklsTickingsays:

    O the fickleness of man. That’s why this world is in such a mess. Everyone thinks they are gods and that only their opinion is the right one. You want to fire_replace Letitia and cause her to lose her livelihood because she doesn’t think like you. She too is entitled to an opinion. Well let me join in on the bandwagon. There IS only one God and some of you saying these nasty things need to repent and give your lives to the one called Jesus before it’s too late. Time is shorter than you think…things aren’t as they seem. Your arrows are pointing in the wrong direction. Wish your fellow man well. Whosoever digs a pit will fall into it! Whatsoever a man sows he shall reap!! Or you might recognise this one more ‘karma’.

  79. Lysays:

    Ok, as usual, the title is absurd. “The Internet” doesn’t want her fired. SOME PEOPLE do. Most of us couldn’t care less about her personal views. Why do y’all keep making it news when a bunch of loud trolls claim something, and then you make it look as if there was a consensus…

  80. Sayhowifeelsays:

    Yeah but Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected in the first place. I hate these people with there sheep mentality the fucking idiots

  81. King L2gsays:

    No one should lose their job 4 not being vacated. Letitia has human rights like everyone else on this planet!!!

  82. Mauricesays:

    This is so hypocritical. You want someone fired because they have made a personal choice not to get vaccinated? Isn’t America supposed to be the land of the free? Free but some one can’t make a personal decision? Why do you disagree with everyone with a different point point of view?Her body,her choice.
    Besides,if the vaccine works,shouldn’t it protect you against the unvaccinated? This moral high horse that the vaccinated are on forgetting that they too can get the virus and spread it is so hypocritical.

  83. MacDaddysays:

    The same people telling you it’s okay to take the vaccine are the same people who lied about its origins.. Fauci basically confessed it came from a lab that they were funding so. I’ll take my chances.

  84. FreedomOfChoiceIsGonesays:

    What are the long term side effects to being vaccinated? Oh wait we don’t know cause it’s not veen around a year yet. So choose to or don’t that’s up to you.

  85. Ninesays:

    Being “vaccinated” against Covid-19 won’t actually prevent her or anyone else from contacting the virus. If it was an actual vaccine, those other, vaccinated cast and crew members would have nothing to fear from an “unvaccinated” person-they’d be inoculated against the virus. “Vaccinated” or not, each and every person on set will have had regular tests. A negative test result is far safer and infinitely more reassuring than a card that states a person has had two doses of a drug that still has two more years of testing ahead of it before it is fully approved and not just granted emergency approval status. It’s not a vaccine if it offers no immunity. It prevents the worst, most lethal symptoms taking hold but does not stop a person contracting or spreading the disease.
    So long as she provides regular negative test results, she is putting nobody at risk. She is certainly not a “bio-hazard” or a “biological time bomb”. I’m face, by being “unvaccinated”, she is more likely to present with symptoms should she have the virus and is therefore better placed to withdraw herself from any social interactions/work commitments. Those “vaccinated” folk, were they to become infected, would be less likely to realise and would therefore be more likely to spread the virus.
    Everyone is tested, everyone is safe. Testing in those environments is what offers protection, not being double jabbed!

    1. Ninesays:

      In fact*
      Nothing like autocorrect to spoil a good rant!!

  86. Billy bsays:

    The racist left attacking more black people again…what a shock…no not really.

  87. Insizwa YaseSkobhosays:

    What’s the point of the Vaccine if its users are endangered by the ones not using it! Isn’t the point of vaccination to make your body immune?

  88. Mr Eat healthy & trust your immune systemsays:

    The misinformation information being spread by the covid vaccine lovers is embarrassing. Its a known fact that natural immunity from recovering from covid is more affective than the vaccine and last longer, so why would she get the jab is she already have covid? Also why are you vaccinated people trying to false others to do something they don’t feel comfortable doing, it’s upto them it’s their bodies not yours. Why don’t you petition for smokers to be banned from getting cancer treatments as they are taking beds away from non smoking cancer patients as well as smoking near people that could breath in their smoke and get cancer too. All this nonsense about the vaccine needs to stop. It has already been proven that there are several successful early treatments on the market right now. Enough is enough if your too lazy and dumb to be bothered to research all the other treatments on the market or to know that taking high strength vitamins such as vitamin D, Zinc, C, magnesium and selenium and a heathly diet boosts your immune system tenfold. If you are under 60 with no underlying conditions or overweight you have literally 99.99 / 99.98% of survival. Stop with your propaganda, in Norway they have already down graded covid to a flu level. Stop watching CNN and get a grip. The vaccine doesn’t stop you from catching, spreading, being hospitalised or dying and many people have had serious adverse reactions and died from the Jab you selfish bunch of ignorant people. If you’ve been vaccinated why you worried for??

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