The latest ‘Doctor Strange 2’ TV sp chair unlocks a core memory for ‘X-Men: The Animated Series’ fans


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is set to shatter the already very shaky bonds separating the MCU from other Marvel movies. No Way Home has already popped the cork on bringing over characters from other universes, but next week things are going to go truly nuts with the introduction of a variant of Patrick Stewart’s Professor X.

But, as the awesome new TV spot shows, this Professor X isn’t necessarily the one viewers, who have watched Fox’s X-Men movies, are acquainted with. The short clip offers a very brief glimpse of his yellow hoverchair, which seems to be lifted right out of X-Men: The Animated Series (which itself was adapted from his comic book counterpart). This is catnip for old-school Marvel fans, so here’s how it’s going down on social media:

One user doesn’t want the MCU to stop at the iconic yellow chair and wants this version of Professor X to come from an animated universe.

Many have also noted that Marvel Studios is working on X-Men: The Animated Series revival X-Men ’97, which will reunite much of the voice cast and continue where that show left off in the 1990s:

This version of Charles Xavier seems to be the leader of the Illuminati, who here are obviously unhappy with Strange’s spells screwing with the fabric of reality. The big question fans now have is who else is sitting on the Illuminati tribunal? In the comics, the membership includes Reed Richards, Namor, Black Bolt, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange himself — so many are getting hyped for more exciting new variants.

We’ll find out soon enough, as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits theaters in a week’s time on May 6.