The Netflix Sequel To A Cult Favorite Sci-Fi Is Now Shooting

Code 8

Writer and director Jeff Chan’s high concept sci-fi short film Code 8 found huge success online in 2016, so much so that it was was eventually adapted into a feature film after a crowdfunding campaign helped raise the $15 million budget to bring the project to life on a much grander scale.

Of course, it helped that the short came packing several recognizable names including Arrow‘s Steven Amell, his cousin and Upload star Robbie, along with Fast & Furious veteran Sung Kang. Code 8 scored a limited theatrical release in late 2019, where it only managed to bring in $150,000 at the box office, but Netflix swooping in to secure the streaming rights turned out to be a masterstroke on the platform’s part.

Code 8 finally had the audience and word-of-mouth to go along with the strong reviews, and the movie proved so popular that a sequel was officially announced back in June. As you can see below, Stephen Amell has confirmed that cameras on Part II are officially rolling.

Code 8

The original was a true hidden gem with a solid premise, telling the story of registered superhumans stuck in menial jobs, before the criminal crew led by the Amells ended up falling foul of law enforcement. Code 8: Part II will find a teenage girl teaming up with Stephen’s Garrett Kent and Robbie’s Connor Reed to fight back against the corrupt cops that killed her brother, and it could turn out to be just the first of many follow ups.