‘The Northman’ director reveals if he’d ever helm a Marvel movie

the northman

For whatever reason, no filmmaker can head out on the press tour for their latest movie without being asked either for their thoughts on the current state of superhero cinema, or their potential interest in taking the reins on a comic book adaptation.

Just the other day it was Michael Bay fielding the line of inquiry, and the latest so share their thoughts comes from the complete opposite end of the directorial spectrum. Robert Eggers broke out in a huge way with The Witch, followed it up with The Lighthouse, and now has $70 million historical action thriller The Northman coming to theaters on the 22nd of this month.

His career has gradually grown in scale, budget, and ambition, and the next logical step for many of his peers is to jump into the world of studio-backed blockbusters. However, in an interview with The Guardian, Eggers admitted that he’d held such talks with an unnamed studio, but he doesn’t think he’d be a particularly good fit for Marvel.

“I’ve definitely had, like, not Marvel, but the big studio meeting. But I also don’t know what I have to offer. Everything that I’m particularly good at, or that makes me unique, is not helpful in making a Marvel movie.”

Eggers did have high praise for The Batman, even if he said he only saw it because he’s friends with Robert Pattinson, but he also made a point of saying that he “just made a big movie, but it’s not the same” as what Matt Reeves did with the Dark Knight.

It doesn’t sound like the $200 million sandbox is on the horizon for Eggers, then, but he’ll certainly be fielding offers if The Northman lives up to the undoubted potential.